Phoenix Among Men Chapter 295

Wei Kun An was slightly stunned, he didn’t expect Lin Tian Hu to dare to speak to him in such a tone, followed by a cold look on his face, “You, a Lin Tian Hu, are also worthy of being a ground snake, in my eyes, you are nothing more than an earthworm!”

After Wei Kunan finished speaking, he slapped his palm on the table, and the hard table instantly became shattered!

At this moment, everyone’s face changed slightly, Lin Tianhu even frowned, he didn’t expect this Wei Kun An to have such perverted strength!

“Today I must take away the murderer who ruined my son’s leg, now I’ll give you five minutes to think about it, either hand over the man or die ……”

When the word “death” was uttered, the temperature inside the entire private room suddenly dropped, causing Su Wenzong and the others to shiver!

“Mr. Su, I’ve already informed Mr. Chen, if Mr. Chen doesn’t arrive later and this Wei Kunan makes a move, you’ll run first, I’ll desperately lead people to stop it, and my people are almost finished gathering!”

Lin Tianhu whispered to Su Wenzong.

“You …………” Su Wen Zong was helpless when he heard that this Lin Tian Hu had even informed Chen Ping: “If Chen Ping comes, won’t it be a death sentence, it seems this Wei Kunan won’t rest until he kills someone today!”

“Mr. Su, don’t worry!” Lin Tianhu said comfortingly, he had absolute confidence in Chen Ping.

On the other hand, Chen Ping, who was eating, suddenly received a message from Lin Tianhu, when Chen Ping saw the content of the message, a monstrous killing aura erupted from his entire body!

“Chen Ping, what’s wrong with you?”

Su Yuqi seemed to sense the murderous aura on Chen Ping’s body and asked carefully.

“I’m fine, you should eat first!”

Chen Ping got up, grabbed his jacket and put it on, before turning to the Su family’s underlings, “Keep an eye on Miss, don’t let her go out!”

“Understood, Aunt!” The Su family servant said respectfully.

Chen Ping froze and gave the respectful Su family servant a glance, and then he smiled helplessly!

He and Su Yuqi hadn’t even formally established a relationship, they had always been unspoken, but in the eyes of the Su family, they had already treated him as Su Yuqi’s boyfriend, so this was kind of water under the bridge!

“When you come back, reward you well …………”

Chen Ping patted the subordinate’s shoulder and left after saying that.

A sentence of auntie made Chen Ping’s heart very comfortable!


“Time’s up, how’s the thinking going? Is it to hand over the man, or to die?”

Wei Kun An asked as he looked coldly at Su Wen Zong.

The ten experts of the Wei family, after Wei Kunan finished speaking, immediately took up a stance, facing the dozens of Lin Tianhu’s men, surprisingly, they were not afraid at all, each with indifferent eyes, their bodies full of murderous intent!

In the eyes of these people, these people brought by Lin Tianhu were just punks who could be easily trampled to death!

“Wei Kunan, I won’t hand over anyone!”

Su Wenzong said with a firm look in his eyes!

“Well then, since you won’t hand over anyone, then go to hell!”

Wei Kun An’s face turned cold: “Do it!”

After the ten experts of the Wei family received the order, they immediately rushed towards Lin Tianhu and these people like a fierce tiger descending a mountain!

“Your son was wasted by me, come at me if you have the guts ……”

Just at that moment, Chen Ping walked in!

“Chen Ping …………” Seeing that Chen Ping had arrived, Su Wenzong’s face showed worry!

“Uncle, don’t worry, I will be fine!”

Chen Ping looked at Su Wenzong with gratitude in his eyes, he didn’t expect Su Wenzong to put up this old life to go for him!

“Mr. Chen ……”

“Mr. Chen ……”

When Ling Zhenchuan and Gu Wentian saw Chen Ping coming, they both greeted politely!

“Mayor Ling, Ancient, thank you for stepping in to help!”

Chen Ping said gratefully.

Ling Zhenchuan and Gu Wentian instantly said with an embarra*sed look on their faces, “We didn’t help with anything, people don’t give us face!”

“I’ll handle this matter myself, it’s too late, Mayor Ling, Ancient, you should go back and rest!”

Chen Ping said with a faint smile.