Phoenix Among Men Chapter 296

“Then, I shall take my leave!” Gu Wentian knew that he could not help here!

Ling Zhenchuan also nodded, but as he pa*sed by Chen Ping, he whispered in Chen Ping’s ear, “Mr. Chen, it’s best not to kill anyone, or it won’t be too good!”

Wei Kunan, as the head of the Wei family, was afraid that if he was killed in Hongcheng, Ling Zhenchuan, the mayor, would not be able to keep his job.

“Don’t worry, Mayor Ling, I have a handle on it!” Chen Ping nodded his head.

With both Gu Wentian and Ling Zhenchuan gone, Wei Kunan was filled with wonder as he sized up Chen Ping, he couldn’t see how Chen Ping, an ordinary young man, could have made Ling Zhenchuan and Gu Wentian respect him so much!

“You are the one who ruined my son?”

Wei Kunan looked at Chen Ping with an angry expression.

“That’s right, if it wasn’t for someone begging for mercy, your son would be a corpse by now, a scum like him is a waste of food to live!”

Chen Ping looked at Wei Kunan with a calm face, not the slightest fluctuation could be seen in his eyes.

“Good boy, just admit it if you dare!”

Wei Kun An finished speaking and looked at a Wei Clan expert dressed in white power suit.

That Wei Clan expert immediately grasped Wei Kun An’s meaning and without warning, he smashed his fist towards Chen Ping!

This punch, with the sound of breaking air, was as fast as it could be!

Boom …………

With a muffled sound, Chen Ping stood still in place, while the Wei family expert who had suddenly struck out, unexpectedly flew backwards and fell heavily to the ground, spewing blood from his mouth!

At this moment, Wei Kun’an was stunned, then smiled coldly: “So you are a practitioner, no wonder you are so arrogant, but today, even if you are a sect master expert, I will still seek justice for my son!”

Wei Kunan took off his jacket, revealing those strong muscles, he was planning to take action himself!

Knock knock knock …………

Suddenly, a rush of footsteps came, and the entire Regal Restaurant felt a tremor.

A Wei family expert looked out through the window, followed by a change in his face as he hurriedly walked to Wei Kun An’s ear and whispered two words!

Wei Kun’an frowned and also went to the window to look out!

He saw that outside the Regal Hotel, there were thousands of people, surrounding the entire Regal Hotel, and all of them were holding weapons.

“Hahahaha, Wei Kunan, my men have arrived, didn’t you say I’m not considered a local snake? Today I’ll show you whether I count or not, there are thousands of my men outside and just ten of you, even if you gods are reincarnated, you won’t be able to leave!”

Lin Tianhu knew that it was his own people who had arrived, so he burst out laughing.

Wei Kunan’s face turned extremely ugly as he looked at Lin Tianhu with a deadly look!

He really did not expect that Lin Tianhu would be able to gather thousands of people to come over in such a short period of time, which was beyond his expectation.

The fact that Lin Tianhu had annexed the Red Dragon Gang was something Wei Kunan didn’t even know about, so he didn’t expect Lin Tianhu to have so many people under him!

“Lin Tianhu, you don’t need to be complacent, I can kill everyone inside the room before these people of yours rush in, and if I die in Hongcheng, you will know the consequences!”

Wei Kunan said with a scowl on his face.

“Don’t f*cking scare me, I’m not scared either, big deal, one life for one life, I, Lin Tianhu, have one cheap life for your Wei Kunan’s life, it’s worth it ……”

Lin Tianhu followed Wei Kunan and played a rash game, not afraid of Wei Kunan’s threats.

This made Wei Kunan’s face become even more ugly!

“Good, I, Wei Kun An, have conceded today, the green hills will never change, the green water will always flow, we will see.”

Wei Kun An waved his hand, intending to take his men and leave!

But Lin Tianhu directly blocked the way!

“Lin Tianhu, let them go!”

Chen Ping spoke indifferently.

Lin Tianhu glanced at Chen Ping, then gave way, allowing Wei Kunan to lead his men away!

If it wasn’t for Ling Zhenchuan, Chen Ping would not have easily let Wei Kunan go.