Phoenix Among Men Chapter 297

“Master, are we just going to leave and not take revenge for the young master?”

Walking out of the Regal Hotel, one of his men asked Wei Kunan.

“Of course I want to take revenge for this, but I don’t know what kind of identity this kid has, to have so many people in Hongcheng protecting him, since we can’t touch him in Hongcheng, then we will kill him when we leave Hongcheng, you guys stay here and keep an eye on him, as soon as he leaves Hongcheng, give me a notice!”

Wei Kun An said with a sinister face.

“Understood!” Several of his men nodded their heads!


The matter of breaking Wei Tao’s leg came to an end, Wei Kun’an did not come to Hongcheng to look for Chen Ping, and Ye Fengchun’s master and brothers did not come to Hongcheng either, not knowing whether they had not yet received the news of Ye Fengchun’s death, or whether they had no intention to avenge Ye Fengchun at all.

Chen Ping used his free time to refine the Small Returning Pill, and with Su Wenzong’s help, the price of the Small Returning Pill rose and demand outstripped supply.

In the middle of the trip, Chen Ping went to the Thunderbolt Guild and helped Daoist Master Bu Xu’s daughter to suck the Yin Cold Qi out of her body, which also allowed Chen Ping to accumulate a lot of spiritual energy to continue refining the Little Returning Pill.

Looking at the increasing amount of money in his hand, Chen Ping felt that it was time to visit Cloud City, and that he might be able to find some rare medicinal materials from Cloud City!

Because he was unfamiliar with Cloud City, Chen Ping decided to let Lin Tianhu follow him, for one thing, he would have someone with him to deal with, and for another, Lin Tianhu was more familiar with Cloud City.

After making up his mind about going to Cloud City, Chen Ping went to the Su family to say goodbye to Su Yuqi and Su Wenzong, after all, he would have to stay in Cloud City for a while.

“What, you’re going to Cloud City? Then I’ll go with you!”

As soon as Su Yuqi heard this, she immediately said excitedly.

During this period of time, Su Yuqi had also come out from the shadow of the kidnapping, and the two of them had grown even more attached to each other!

“Don’t go as a girl, it might even be dangerous to go to Yuncheng!”

Chen Ping knew that Wei Kunan wouldn’t give up, the reason why he hadn’t moved all this time was just waiting for his chance!

“I don’t care, I’m going to go!”

Su Yuqi pouted her lips and began to pout at Chen Ping!

Su Wenzong, on the other hand, walked away with a faint smile, it wasn’t appropriate for him to be here watching the two youngsters fight!

Looking at Su Yuqi’s look, Chen Ping smiled helplessly and could only nod his head in agreement, but thinking about the two going together, maybe they could even sleep in the same room, maybe they could even do something else, the thought of it made Chen Ping a little excited and a lewd smile appeared on his face!

Su Yuqi looked at Chen Ping sitting by himself and giggling, and that smile was very lewd, went up and gave Chen Ping a knock on the head: “I’m telling you, you can’t be imagining things, even if we go out, we’ll be staying in a hotel in one room, you don’t want to take advantage of me!”

“I think you’re the one who wants to take advantage of me, right? You want to share a room with me, I’m not even happy about it!”

Chen Ping deliberately looked indifferent and gasped at Su Yuqi!

“You …………”

Su Yuqi was really P*ssed off: “I’ll beat you to death …………”

The two of them fought, just like a young couple in love!

Early the next morning, Lin Tianhu drove, Chen Ping and Su Yuqi sat in the back row and set off towards Yuncheng!

“When we get to Yuncheng this time, I’ll take you to have a good time, I haven’t been to Yuncheng for a while!”

Su Yuqi said excitedly as she followed Chen Ping.

“Are you familiar with Cloud City?”

Chen Ping looked at Su Yuqi in disbelief.

“That’s for sure, I lived in Cloud City for a long time when I was a child, my great aunt is from Cloud City, I often stay at my great aunt’s house, only it’s been years since I’ve been there too …………”

Su Yuqi said, her expression suddenly falling down all of a sudden!