Phoenix Among Men Chapter 31

Scarface froze for a moment, slowly took out his own mobile phone and dialed Lin Tianhu’s number, he didn’t know what kind of person Chen Ping was, so he didn’t dare let him call Lin Tianhu!

He didn’t know what kind of person Chen Ping was, so he didn’t dare let him call Lin Tianhu! Soon, the call was answered, and Lin Tianhu’s somewhat lazy voice came from the other side.

“Master Tiger, there’s a man causing trouble in the Antique Street, he said he knows you and asked me to give you a call!”

Scarface said cautiously.

“What kind of person? What’s his name?”

Lin Tianhu asked.

“I don’t know his name, but he was wearing a copper ring with a dragon on it, and it seemed to have the word order on it, and asked me if I knew him!”

Scarface said.

“sh*t!” When Lin Tianhu heard this, he jumped off the bed with a scuffle, “Scarface, I’m telling you, you serve this man well, if you dare to displease him, I’ll get your whole family killed, you remember that ……”

After Lin Tianhu finished speaking, he directly hung up the phone, put on his clothes and rushed towards the antique street.

The first time I heard the busy tone on the other side, my whole face changed, he had followed Lin Tianhu for more than ten years, but I had never seen him panic like this!

Putting down the phone, Scarface looked at Chen Ping, his whole body was shaking like a sieve!

“Brother Scar, this guy is just nonsense, how could Master Tiger know such a rash young man, he’s just lying to you, hurry up and ask for the jade back!”

The fat stall owner hadn’t noticed Scarface’s strange appearance and looked at Chen Ping with a face full of disdain and said.


Just as he finished speaking, Scarface gave the fat stall owner a fierce slap: “b*****d, what nonsense, it is obvious that you are forcing to buy and sell, don’t think I don’t know, I think you don’t want to stay here anymore!”

The fat stall owner was slapped by Scarface and was directly baffled, not knowing what was going on, but some shrewd people seemed to see something at this point and knew that Chen Ping must have a very hard backstage!

“Sir, I’m really sorry just now, take a rest first, our Master Tiger will be here soon!”

Scarface said as he followed Chen Ping with a flattering face.

He didn’t know Chen Ping, he didn’t know that Chen Ping was their Heavenly Dragon Hall Master, in fact many members of the Gathering Hall didn’t even know that they were from the Heavenly Dragon Hall, these were all secrets, only a few insiders knew.

As soon as Chen Ping heard that Lin Tianhu was coming, he planned to wait for a while. If he continued to search blindly like this, he didn’t know when he would be able to find the spirit pen and vermilion sand. Since Lin Tianhu covered the Antique Street, he must be familiar with the things here, so Chen Ping planned to ask Lin Tianhu!

“Why don’t you hurry up and bring a chair to the gentleman!”

Scarface viciously kicked the fat stall owner.

“Oh!” The fat stall owner was dumbfounded and hurriedly moved a chair from inside the room and let Chen Ping sit down.

About ten minutes later, a sharp sound of brakes sounded and Lin Tianhu opened the car door and ran over!

When the crowd looked at Lin Tianhu coming, they all lowered their heads, no one dared to lift away, while Lin Tianhu ran in front of Chen Ping, panting, “Temple …… Mr. Chen, you come to the antique street, let me know in advance, I will also accompany you, I am familiar with this area!”

“I’m just casually strolling!” Chen Ping said indifferently.

Lin Tianhu looked at Scarface and asked, “Scarface, what is going on?”

Scarface wasn’t very clear either, so he could only tell what he knew, Lin Tianhu wasn’t stupid, he understood what was going on as soon as he guessed.

“D*mn it, using my name to cheat and deceive here, D*mn it!” Lin Tianhu cursed, “Smash up the stall, break this guy’s limbs and throw him out, and never allow him to enter Antique Street again!”

When the fat stall owner heard this, he was stunned and sat down directly on the ground: “Master Tiger, Master Tiger spare my life …………”

The fat stall owner kept begging for mercy, but it was no use at all, soon the screams rang out and the fat stall owner was carried away!

The crowd was all scared to the point of being bloodless, especially the few nearby stall owners who had just shouted at Chen Ping, some of them were P*ssing their trousers in fear.