Phoenix Among Men Chapter 32

“Scarface, tell all these people to get lost, what’s there to see?”

Lin Tianhu said to Scarface.

“Get lost, all of you, what’s there to see, in the future, if any of you dare to forcefully buy and sell, this is what will happen!”

Scarface roared towards the crowd, scaring everyone away!

“Mr. Chen, I don’t know if you like any objects? There’s nothing good here, it’s all ground-floor goods, the really good stuff is still inside!”

Lin Tianhu said to Chen Ping.

“I want to buy a spirit pen and vermilion, I don’t know if there is one here!”

Chen Ping asked to Lin Tianhu.

Lin Tianhu was stunned, not understanding what the spirit pen Chen Ping was talking about, and the vermilion sand, wasn’t it also everywhere?

But Lin Tianhu did not dare to ask, he could only say respectfully, “Mr. Chen, I will take you to a few antique walks, you can see if there is something you want, I don’t know much about this business either!”

“Alright, lead the way ahead!”

Chen Ping nodded his head!

Lin Tianhu personally led the way, and the owners of those antique shops brought out all their treasures, but none of them caught Chen Ping’s eye.

This time, Lin Tianhu was in a bit of a quandary: “Mr. Chen, the antique street is just this big, all the chances of good things are here, surprisingly there is still nothing that Mr. Chen needs, why don’t I send my brothers to look for it elsewhere?”

“No need, this kind of thing, can be found but not sought, even if you guys come across it, it’s useless even if you don’t know what you’re doing!”

Chen Ping waved his hand, even if he asked more people to look for it, it would be useless!

“That’s true!”

Lin Tianhu nodded his head!

“You go and get busy, I should go back too!”

Since there was none, Chen Ping didn’t want to stay any longer!

But just as Chen Ping was about to leave, Lin Tianhu seemed to remember something and immediately called out to Chen Ping, “Mr. Chen, wait!”

“Something else?” Chen Ping asked.

“Mr. Chen, I suddenly remembered a place that might have what you need.”

Lin Tianhu finished, ordered someone to bring the car and invited Chen Ping into it!

In the car, Lin Tianhu then introduced himself, it turned out that the place he was taking Chen Ping to was a mansion, and the owner of the mansion was called Gu Wentian, who used to be a retired senior officer of the provincial government!

After he retired, he built a mansion in a beautiful place in Hongcheng, and then spent his time there.

But this Gu Mantian had a hobby, that is, collecting antiques. In Gu Mantian’s courtyard, there were antiques everywhere, some of which were plucked from abroad.

Chen Ping did not expect that there would be such a big man in the small city of Hong Kong. If it wasn’t for the three years of learning from the old leader, the ordinary Chen Ping would not have been able to come into contact with these big men.

Soon, the car stopped at an ancient mansion, and a subordinate hurried over, followed Lin Tianhu and whispered two words, and ran back to the mansion!

Soon, an old man with a white beard and a walking stick came out, after seeing Lin Tianhu, the old man laughed and said, “It’s a rare guest to have Master Tiger here!”

“Ancient, you are flattering me, just call me Little Tiger, or Lin Tianhu, in front of you, how dare I call myself Master!”

Lin Tianhu hurriedly took two steps forward to welcome him and said with a face full of courtesy.

Although he had retired, his energy was not small, so Lin Tianhu did not dare to offend him!

After following Lin Tianhu and exchanging a few pleasantries, Gu Mantian saw Chen Ping at the side and asked after a quick glance, “Master Tiger, this young man is a bit familiar, is …………”

“Oh, this is Mr. Chen, this time bring Mr. Chen specially to disturb ancient, also hope ancient do not take offense!”

Lin Tianhu hurriedly explained.

Hearing Lin Tianhu address Chen Ping, who was only in his early twenties, as sir, a hint of surprise flashed across Gu Wentian’s eyes, but it was only a flash!