Phoenix Among Men Chapter 38

When Chen Ping returned home, his parents were not at home, so they had gone out for a walk again.

There was no one to disturb him, so Chen Ping cultivated in his room!

He had to make the most of his time now, because he didn’t know what he would face on the 15th day of the 7th month. Although the old leader said that he would be given a great opportunity on that day, who knew if the opportunity would be accompanied by danger?

Sitting on his knees, Chen Ping recited the Heart Concentration Technique, and his dantian began to slowly rotate, the surrounding spiritual qi was slowly absorbed by Chen Ping and entered his body!

Chen Ping didn’t even eat dinner, he cultivated for another whole night!

“Hoo ……”

When Chen Ping opened his eyes, a cloud of turbid Qi erupted from his mouth!

“I really didn’t expect this resentful dragon power to be so powerful …………”

Chen Ping gently clenched his fist, feeling the thick power within his body, Chen Ping had actually broken through!

Now Chen Ping had already reached the fifth level of Qi training, one should know that he had only broken through to the fourth level of Qi training after three years in prison and the guidance of the old dragon leader, but he had never expected to break through to the fifth level in one go after absorbing the power of the nine grievous dragons yesterday, which made Chen Ping overjoyed!

Chen Ping seemed to have found a way to cultivate quickly, as long as he absorbed more resentment, the power of hatred, then the speed of cultivation would increase exponentially!

It was a pity that such things could not be found, where could one find so many things with resentment and hatred attached to them!

Exhaling lightly, Chen Ping got off the bed and simply straightened his clothes!

“It’s Miss Su, isn’t it? I can’t see, but I can hear you walking!”

At this moment, Tang Hongying’s voice came from the living room outside!

“Auntie, you’re really something!” Su Yuqi smiled, “You don’t have to keep calling me Miss, Miss, it’s too much, just call me Yuqi!”

“Yes, yes, it’s uncomfortable, I’ll call you Yu Qi then!” Tang Hongying nodded with a smile on her face, “You’re here to see Chen Ping, right? He’s still in his bedroom and hasn’t come out yet!”

“Chen Ping, get up quickly, Yu Qi is here to see you!”

Tang Hongying shouted towards Chen Ping’s bedroom!

“Auntie, there’s no need to shout, I’ll go get him!”

Su Yuqi said, walking straight towards Chen Ping’s bedroom!

Tang Hongying’s entire body almost jumped up in excitement as she heard Su Yuqi walking towards Chen Ping’s bedroom.

“This kid is still lying to me about being an ordinary friend, would an ordinary friend go straight to the bedroom? I really want to see what this future daughter-in-law of mine looks like!”

Tang Hongying muttered to herself!

“Wife, let me tell you, Miss Su’s looks, I’m afraid there’s nothing as pretty as this in the whole of Hongcheng!”

Chen Baoguo walked to Tang Hongying’s ear and whispered.

“Is that so?” Tang Hongying was a little surprised, she knew that Chen Baoguo had a very picky eye, back then when Chen Ping and Geng Shanshan were together, Chen Baoguo was firmly against it, now that Chen Baoguo could say that, then Su Yuqi’s looks must be unbeatable.

“My son is so capable, he just came out and found such a girlfriend, and he even hid it from us!”

Tang Hongying was beaming with pride!

“That’s for sure, don’t even look at who our son follows, with me in front again, our son can’t be any worse!”

Chen Baoguo was also very satisfied with Chen Ping at this time, his previously gloomy face was now covered with smiles all day long!

“All right, don’t blow it off, take me out for a spin, leave the two kids a world of their own!”

Tang Hongying said, pulling Chen Baoguo out of the villa!

On the other hand, Su Yuqi pushed the door and walked into Chen Ping’s bedroom!

When she saw Chen Ping standing under the bed with his clothes intact, Su Yuqi was stunned, “Aren’t you up already?”

“What, you don’t want me to get up and want to see me with my clothes off?”

Chen Ping half-joked!

“Yuck, who wants to see you undress!” Su Yuqi gave Chen Ping a blank look, but inside she was still a little excited, the fact that Chen Ping could joke with her proved that the relationship between the two had obviously improved a lot.

“I’m looking for you for something, you come with me!”

Su Yuqi pulled Chen Ping along without a word and left!

Chen Ping wanted to ask where he was going, but Su Yuqi pulled Chen Ping straight into the car!

But looking at the time, it was still early for the banquet that Gu Mantian had invited him to, so Chen Ping let Su Yuqi pull him along.