Phoenix Among Men Chapter 39

Tianyuan Mall, this was a very famous mall in Hongcheng, with almost all the major brands!

Looking at Su Yuqi bringing herself here, Chen Ping was a bit surprised!

“Are you asking me to accompany you to the mall?”

Chen Ping asked with some trepidation.

You know that accompanying a girl to the mall was a very scary thing, Chen Ping had felt it before, back then he accompanied Geng Shanshan to the mall for a day, and already had a psychological shadow!

“What, you’re not happy to accompany me?”

Su Yuqi asked, looking at Chen Ping.

“That’s not true!” Chen Ping shook his head, in fact, Chen Ping was a bit proud of accompanying Su Yuqi to the mall, how to say Su Yuqi’s status and appearance, that is first cla*s, to be able to accompany such a girl to the mall, how many people would be envious, only Chen Ping had something to do at noon, already promised Gu Mantian, can’t let her go!

“I still have something to do at noon, I’m afraid I’ll be delayed.”

Chen Ping said truthfully.

“I don’t care what you have to do, the main task now is to accompany me for a stroll!”

Su Yuqi said, pulling Chen Ping into the mall!

Looking at the dazzling array of goods, Su Yuqi pulled Chen Ping to specifically look for the men’s section, and then compared one piece of clothing to another on Chen Ping’s body!

“Are you preparing to buy clothes for me?”

Chen Ping said with some surprise.

“If not for you, for whom, I can’t fit in my clothes at home anymore.” Su Yuqi said, and her hands were not idle, picking out one piece after another, finally picking out a suit and placing it in Chen Ping’s hand, “Go and try it on!”

Chen Ping took the suit and didn’t move for a while, while Su Yuqi urged, “What? Do you still want me to go in and try it on for you?”

“No need!” Chen Ping shook his head in panic and hurriedly walked into the fitting room!

Looking at Chen Ping’s frightened look, Su Yuqi smiled, the tenderness in her eyes becoming more and more obvious!

When Chen Ping changed his clothes and walked out, Su Yuqi lit up in front of her eyes, looking Chen Ping up and down, looking a little surprised, “I didn’t expect you to have so much potential, wearing this outfit, you are obviously much more handsome!”

Looking at Su Yuqi’s nymphomaniac look, Chen Ping couldn’t help but look at himself in the mirror and found that he was really quite handsome, ever since he had been imprisoned and followed Old Leader in his training, Chen Ping’s requirements for material things were getting lighter and lighter!

Now that he was out of prison, although he had money on him, he still wore the same old clothes he used to wear, and never thought of changing his clothes. With time to buy clothes, he might as well cultivate a little longer!

“What are you planning to take me to do here? Attend a wedding?”

Chen Ping asked as he turned to Su Yuqi.

“Never you mind, this is more important than the wedding!”

Su Yuqi pulled Chen Ping and bought more shoes and a watch, directly dressing Chen Ping up like a high-flyer!

As he came, Chen Ping could only helplessly be dragged around by Su Yuqi, while Chen Ping had more and more things on him.

Ties, belts, even a lighter, Su Yuqi had spent tens of thousands of yuan to buy Chen Ping one!

Just this outfit of Chen Ping’s, I’m afraid it wouldn’t come down without hundreds of thousands of dollars!

“Isn’t this a bit too extravagant!”

Chen Ping felt like he didn’t even dare to walk in this outfit!

He was a bit confused as to what rich people like Su Yuqi were thinking, buying an outfit for over a hundred thousand dollars and a lighter for tens of thousands of dollars, what was the point?

“What’s extravagant about it, it’s you who used to dress too shabbily, I won’t let you dress like that in the future, or I’ll be laughed at.”

Su Yuqi said indifferently.

But after saying that, Su Yuqi immediately felt as if she had said the wrong thing, and her face instantly turned red.

And Chen Ping heard it and smiled slightly, “Why would anyone laugh at you when I’m dressed shabbily?”

When Chen Ping asked, Su Yuqi’s face became even redder and she could only glare at Chen Ping and said, “I have said in public that I want to be your girlfriend, of course everyone else takes it seriously, isn’t the shabby dress you wear just a slap in my face? I won’t talk to you anymore, I’m going to the washroom, you wait for me here …………”

Su Yuqi made an excuse and hurriedly left.