Phoenix Among Men Chapter 3924

Chen Ping hadn’t said anything at the side, but he knew that it looked like the way he wanted to rely on his banknote ability to pass without examination shouldn’t work!
Unless he chose to join the new Sect Master’s lineage, but then, even if he met the old Sect Master, they might not teach him the Art of Supreme Fire Fusion!
“Senior Brother Wei Qing, forget it ……”

Qian Xiu said helplessly.
She simply couldn’t take five purple gold spirit coins, there was no way she could participate in the examination!

“Senior Sister Qian, don’t be discouraged, I’ll pay for the test for you.”
Wei Qing said, pulling out five Purple Gold Spirit Coins from his body, these were still given to him by Chen Ping!

Chen Ping looked at that Wei Qing, he didn’t expect that this guy looked quite greedy, but he was willing to take out the money at this time!
“Senior Brother Wei Qing, you ……”

Qian Xiu looked at the purple gold spirit coins that Wei Qing took out, and for a moment, his face was filled with emotion!
“Go ahead and take the test, I’m sure you’ll be able to succeed.”
Wei Qing looked at that Qian Xiu with firm eyes!
Chen Ping was able to tell that the reason why this Wei Qing had become so generous was definitely because he liked this Qian Xiu!

Often, it was only after liking a woman that a man would become generous to that woman!
“Senior brother Wei Qing, then the other senior brothers ……”
Qian Xiu looked outside, there were still several disciples from their lineage who wanted to take the test!

When Wei Qing saw this, he was embarrassed and said, “I can’t control the others, I don’t have that much money.”
When those others heard this, each of them had faces like ashes and hung their heads in shame!
“Disciples from our lineage who have taken the test come up and I’ll pay you the spirit coins.”
Liu Shitong greeted at this time, then paid the spirit coins for the disciples of their vein!
There were more than a dozen disciples in total, and Liu Shitong dropped nearly a hundred purple gold spirit coins on the table!

“Are there any more disciples who want to join our lineage? I can pay for you all as well.”
Liu Shitong shouted at the disciples waiting outside the door for the examination!
With this shout, many raised their heads and seemed to see hope in their eyes!
However, due to the presence of Wei Qing and Qian Xiu, for the time being, no one had directly walked over!

Liu Shitong wasn’t in a hurry either, he knew that these people would walk over sooner or later, so he quietly waited!
Wei Qing was incredibly embarrassed at the moment, he didn’t want the disciples of their lineage to defect to that new sect master!
However, he couldn’t get the spirit coins to pay for these disciples!
Just as the atmosphere became very awkward, Chen Ping spoke up!
“Senior brother, I’ve covered all the expenses for the disciple examinations in this vein, so as many disciples as there are, let them come.”

After saying that, Chen Ping directly poured a bag of Violet Gold Spirit Coins onto the table!
The clattering Purple Gold Spirit Coins shocked the eyes of the crowd!
There were more than a hundred Purple Gold Spirit Coins!
After being shocked for a while, Wei Qing grabbed Chen Ping’s shoulder with an excited face, “Senior brother, thank you, thank you so much ……”
“Senior brother, you …… are really too rich!”
Qian Xiu looked at those Purple Gold Spirit Coins and unexpectedly hugged Chen Ping in excitement!

This time, it made Chen Ping very embarrassed, after all, men and women are not related!
What’s more, that Wei Qing also liked Qian Xiu!
At this moment, Qian Xiu’s soft squeeze on Chen Ping’s chest made Chen Ping speechless!
The two people had only just met, were they so open?
When those disciples outside the door saw this, they all ran in and thanked Chen Ping one after another!

They hadn’t known that amongst the disciples of their lineage, there was even such a rich second generation!
Surprisingly, he was so rich!
Liu Shitong, on the other hand, frowned and glanced at Chen Ping, ”Senior Brother Wei Qing, who is this person? Looking so very unfamiliar, not from our Purple Flame Sect, right?”
“This is my master’s newly recruited disciple, he specially asked me to bring him here for the examination.” Wei Qing said!