Phoenix Among Men Chapter 3923

“Liu Shitong, what do you mean by that? Why don’t you let Senior Sister Qian take the test? And why do you have to let the disciple who takes the test join your lineage?”

After Wei Qing walked into the hall, he angrily rebuked at a youth dressed in white!
Liu Shitong, on the other hand, had a cold smile on his face as he looked at the furious Wei Qing and said, “Senior Brother Wei Qing, I didn’t not allow Senior Sister Qian to take the test ah, and I didn’t force the other assessed disciples to join our lineage either.”

“This is all their own choice, could it be that you can still sway the choice of others?”
“You’re talking nonsense, just now you’re the one who stopped me from taking the test, and also said that as long as I join your vein, let me pass the deacon test easily, this is all what you said!” Qian Xiu exposed Liu Shitong’s lies!

But Liu Shitong said with a smile on his face, not panicking in the slightest, “Senior Sister Qian, it’s you who heard it wrong, as the chief examiner of this examination, how could I possibly say such words, and I would never show favouritism.”
“You …… you shameless ……”

Qian Xiu was directly made whole by this shameless operation of Liu Shitong and didn’t know what to say!

“Liu Shitong, since you said that you didn’t block it, then let Senior Sister Qian take the test, in addition there are a few inner disciples taking the test, you’re also not allowed to be in the way, and the requirement that they have to be in the battle group.”
Wei Qing forced down his anger and said to that Liu Shitong!
“The assessment is fine, but each person must pay five purple gold spirit coins.”
Liu Shitong said!

Hearing Liu Shitong’s words, everyone was stunned, then Wei Qing frowned tightly and said, “Liu Shitong, do you want to use your position as the chief examiner of the examination to bend the law and enrich yourself?”

“I’ve never heard that the examination also requires spirit coins, you’re showing favouritism.” Qian Xiu also said loudly!
There were also other disciples who were taking the test, and they also followed suit and shouted!

After all, five purple gold spirit coins, for these disciples, that was a huge amount of money!
“Don’t put words in my mouth, when did I show favouritism, this is a new rule set by our Purple Flame Sect.”

“It’s not just you guys, even the disciple assessment of our lineage has to be paid.”
“However, this money is not paid within the sect, but rather, the disciples of the two veins are assessed, and whichever side wins, these spirit coins will be given to whoever wins.”
Liu Shitong said with a cold smile!

“Are you kidding me, as the chief examiner of the test, you will surely harbour the disciples of your own lineage, won’t we be sure to lose?”
Qian Xiu immediately rebuked loudly!

Wei Qing was also frowning, he knew that this Liu Shitong was deliberately setting up obstacles so that the disciples of their lineage would not be able to participate in the examination!
Not only were there more disciples on the other side’s test, but the chief examiner of the test was also from the other side’s vein, so this was both a referee and an athlete, so there was no reason not to win.

Not to mention the five Purple Gold Spirit Coins per person, this is not something that anyone can take out!
“Liu Shitong, you’re obstructing the disciple assessment like this, I’m going to sue you.”
Wei Qing said angrily!
“Go ahead, I’ll be waiting for you, this is a rule set by my master, and it’s a rule that was enacted with the Sect Master’s Order, if you go and sue me, won’t you be suing my master along with me?”

Liu Shitong said with an emboldened voice!
“You …………”
Wei Qing was speechless for a moment, who made someone else’s master the Sect Master!
In that case, this was forcing the disciples of their lineage to take sides again!
And if the outer disciple assessment, the inner disciple assessment, were all from the Sect Master’s lineage, then with the passage of time, the entire Purple Flame Sect would be a single family!

But now Wei Qing can’t do anything about it, this is the rules issued by the Sect Master’s order, it’s useless for him to be angry!
“Are you guys going to take the test or not? If you don’t take the test, don’t mess around here.”
Liu Shitong said impatiently!