Phoenix Among Men Chapter 3925

“Oh, so it’s the disciple that Elder Yu just recruited, no wonder he’s so rich, disciples without money, Elder Yu can’t look at them ah.” “But having money is useless, I will enforce the law impartially, if the strength is not good, it is also not possible to pass the examination.” “Money can make you … Read more

Phoenix Among Men Chapter 3924

Chen Ping hadn’t said anything at the side, but he knew that it looked like the way he wanted to rely on his banknote ability to pass without examination shouldn’t work! Unless he chose to join the new Sect Master’s lineage, but then, even if he met the old Sect Master, they might not teach … Read more

Phoenix Among Men Chapter 3923

“Liu Shitong, what do you mean by that? Why don’t you let Senior Sister Qian take the test? And why do you have to let the disciple who takes the test join your lineage?” After Wei Qing walked into the hall, he angrily rebuked at a youth dressed in white! Liu Shitong, on the other … Read more