Phoenix Among Men Chapter 3925

“Oh, so it’s the disciple that Elder Yu just recruited, no wonder he’s so rich, disciples without money, Elder Yu can’t look at them ah.”
“But having money is useless, I will enforce the law impartially, if the strength is not good, it is also not possible to pass the examination.”

“Money can make you all bow your heads, but there’s no way to make me show favouritism!”
Liu Shitong said in a conspiratorial manner!
Obviously, this Liu Shitong was shading Elder Yu to follow Wei Qing’s greed for money, as long as there was money, anything would do!

Wei Qing’s face turned red because this Liu Shitong was right!
“Cut the crap, hurry up and register and prepare to have them tested!”
Wei Qing told Liu Shitong to stop talking!

“Senior Brother Wei Qing, I can let them participate in the examination, but you, Junior Brother, can only participate in the outer gate examination, you have to do it step by step.”
“Wait for a few years after the examination before you can participate in the inner sect examination, this is the rule, you can’t break the rule.”
Liu Shitong said.

When Wei Qing heard this, he was furious, “Liu Shitong, are you done? This is a disciple that my master personally brought in, there is no need for an outer gate test, you are doing this on purpose.”

“It wasn’t necessary in the past, but now the rules have been changed, you have to use the outer gate test and there are still a few years of observation before you can do it.”
“You …………” Wei Qing was furious: “I …… will go to the Council Hall to sue you, I don’t believe that you are able to cover the sky with just your hands in the Purple Flame Sect.”
“Go, go quickly and see if you can sue me.”

Liu Shitong said with a cold smile!
Wei Qing also just said this but didn’t move, he knew that even if he went, it wouldn’t be useful in the slightest!
“Liu Shitong, what exactly do you want? What on earth can I do to get my division’s inner gate examination?”
Wei Qing finally asked helplessly!

People had to bow their heads under the roof, Wei Qing could only concede!
“How about this, for disciples of your lineage, the examination fee is increased to ten purple gold spirit coins?”
Liu Shitong asked!

“You …………” Wei Qing was trembling with anger!
“Don’t be anxious, if the disciples of your vein win, all these spirit coins can be returned as they are, what are you afraid of? Do you feel that the disciples of your lineage are losers and have no chance of winning at all?”
Liu Shitong said mockingly!

Wei Qing was dumbfounded by what was said, he did think so, after all, their lineage of disciples were already few and far between, and they weren’t very strong, so how could they possibly be better than the other side!

To put it bluntly, the money that was taken out was given to the other party for nothing!
“Ten Purple Gold Spirit Coins, it’s not much, do you dare to bet a little bigger?”
Chen Ping finished speaking and once again pulled out a bag of Violet Gold Spirit Coins, there were hundreds of them to say the least!

“I’ll bet all of these Purple Gold Spirit Coins, you only need to be offering half of the Spirit Coins, if you guys win, all of these Spirit Coins will be taken away.”
“If you guys lose, you are only putting out half of the spirit coins.”
Chen Ping said as he looked towards that Liu Shitong!
Liu Shitong was stunned, then he sized up Chen Ping, a fourth grade cultivator of the Ferrying Realm was just a cultivator, but he was actually speaking out of turn!
“Senior brother, you …………”

Wei Qing only knew that Chen Ping had money, but did not know how strong Chen Ping was, so he wanted to stop it!
After all, Chen Ping was only at the fourth rank of the Transition Realm!
“Junior Brother, don’t bet with them, even if you are rich, you can’t give it to them for nothing.”
Qian Xiu also rushed to persuade Chen Ping!
“Don’t worry, this amount of money is nothing to me!”
Chen Ping said in a very pretentious manner!

That Liu Shitong’s eyes lit up, he thought Chen Ping was just rich and deliberately pretending, he didn’t have any real skills!
This was plainly giving away money to himself, how could he not agree!
“Okay, I promise you!”
Liu Shitong said, he also took out a bag of spirit coins and poured them all on the table!
Seeing Liu Shitong agree, the many disciples were all surprised!
This was a huge sum of money, knowing that these Purple Gold Spirit Coins were resources, and could purchase many resources!
Now both sides were actually blocking it!