Phoenix Among Men Chapter 408

“Yes, I’ll be there at noon!” Chen Ping nodded his head!

Chen Ping needed someone like Wu Liuyi around him to do his work, which was why he had agreed to go to the Wu family!

“Then I’ll be waiting for Mr. Chen at home!”

Wu Liuyi carried Wu Dong away, who at this point was almost deflated!

Shortly after Wu Liuyi left, Lin Tianhu and Chi Feng arrived, looking at the two men’s eyes, the corners of Chen Ping’s mouth lifted slightly, it was obvious that the two men were interested in each other!

“Hall Master, the Pill King’s Mansion has sent someone to rush the final payment for the herbs, saying that the herbs are ready, they are just waiting for the final payment to arrive and then they will send the goods over!”

Red Phoenix whispered to Chen Ping.

“Well, I’ll try to prepare, you sell all the Jiang family’s properties cheaply to recoup the funds, leave this villa behind, and see how much money you can get together ……”

Chen Ping frowned slightly and said.

Putting together billions in a short period of time is really a bit tricky for Chen Ping, he doesn’t have any business right now, just selling some Small Returning Pills, the sales of Small Returning Pills are not very big right now, besides, Chen Ping doesn’t have time to refine Small Returning Pills these days!

Although both Ju Yi Hall and Red Phoenix Hall were not small, they were after all gangs and did not have many properties under their names, besides, they still had thousands of brothers to feed, so they could not get much money at all.

“Hmm!” Red Phoenix nodded, “But these things are difficult to get out in a short time, it also takes time, but I have sent someone back to the Pill King’s residence, in a few days of grace!”

“Hall Master, or else I would sell all the properties of Hong City’s Gathering Hall, I can also raise some money, anyway, my Gathering Hall is full of some rabble, I realized that I am a joke when I arrived at the provincial city!”

Lin Tianhu followed Chen Ping and said.

Chen Ping glanced at Lin Tianhu and smiled lightly, “You also want to come to the provincial city to develop?”

“I …………” Lin Tianhu looked at that expression on Chen Ping’s face and suddenly blushed, not knowing what to say!

Red Phoenix, on the other hand, lowered her head slightly and snickered!

“If you want to take care of the Gathering Hall, you can find a trustworthy person to take care of it. After the medicinal materials from the Medicine King’s residence arrive this time, I will refine a pill for you, and try to let you break through in the shortest possible time. ……”

Chen Ping understood Lin Tianhu’s meaning and knew that he wanted to stay in the provincial city to develop, after all, Red Phoenix was in the provincial city, and Red Phoenix’s strength was much higher than his, Lin Tianhu being a big old man, his face was more or less unattractive!

“Really?” Lin Tianhu was instantly surprised, “Thank you so much, Hall Master!”

“You guys are following me, of course I won’t let you guys be less skilled than others, otherwise wouldn’t you be disgracing our Heavenly Dragon Hall!”

Chen Ping got up and patted Lin Tianhu’s shoulder with a smile!

“Hey, if only I knew where the other halls were, there are thirteen halls in total, I’m sure we can scrape up the money!”

Lin Tianhu suddenly sighed.

“Alright, just do your best, I’ll think of something about the money, you guys go ahead and browse the market here more, everything is quite good!”

Chen Ping smiled and waved his hand!

Red Phoenix blushed and walked out, while Lin Tianhu gave Chen Ping a grateful look and followed him out too!

As Red Phoenix and Lin Tianhu walked back, Chen Ping’s brow furrowed slightly, billions of money, this was not a small amount, where to get it?

If there was really no way out, he could only follow his old man Su Wen Zong for help, but although the Su family was the richest in Hongcheng, they did not necessarily have much money in their hands, the rest were a*sets, and it still took time to realise them.

By noon, Wu Liuyi sent a car to pick up Chen Ping, and it was Wu Dong who was driving!

At this time, Wu Dong had already changed his clothes and looked better. When he saw Chen Ping coming out, Wu Dong immediately opened the car door respectfully, “Mr. Chen, please get in!”