Phoenix Among Men Chapter 409

Chen Ping nodded and got into the car, while Wu Dong drove carefully towards the Wu family!

Wu Dong was arrogant and domineering, but in the face of absolute strength, he could only serve with respect, even his father was polite to Chen Ping, so he dared not show any disrespect!

As the car was driving down the road, Wu Dong’s phone rang, but he didn’t dare to answer it, instead he stole a glance at Chen Ping!

Chen Ping smiled helplessly, “Just answer the phone when it comes, I’m not the devil!”

Only when Chen Ping said so did Wu Dong pick up the phone!

“Young Master Wu, Boss Feng has already arrived at the port, the raw stones have already started to be loaded, they will reach us in the afternoon!”

The person inside the phone said.

“Fine, fine, I know!”

Wu Dong said and was about to hang up the phone, but the other party immediately said, “Young Master Wu, that Boss Feng said that this batch of raw stones are Hengshan stones, so you should prepare more money!”

“Hengshan stones?” Wu Dong visibly froze, followed by a few moments of excitement on his face, “No problem, tell him to ship all the raw stones and not to share them with anyone else!”

After hanging up the phone, there were still a few hints of excitement on Wu Dong’s face!

Looking at Wu Dong’s excited look, Chen Ping felt a little curious, so he asked, “What is this Heng Shan stone?”

“Oh, Mr. Chen doesn’t know, this Heng Shan stone is the raw stone produced on Heng Shan Mountain, because the shipment rate of this raw stone is high, emperor green, red flame red, these precious stones, most of them are opened out of this Heng Shan stone, so the price of the raw stone will be higher, but this stone can be gotten in hand, if you are lucky, even if you open it yourself, you can still make a big profit! ”

Wu Dong excitedly followed Chen Ping’s introduction, it could be seen that this Wu Dong still had some research about this piece of raw stone, not a useless gentry!

“If it is possible to increase the shipment rate of the original stone, that is, if it is 100% able to open a gemstone, how much money can this thing earn?”

Chen Ping suddenly had an interest in gambling on stones, he seemed to see a way to make money!

“How can someone 100% open up gemstones, this if …………” Wu Dong said, suddenly froze, then full of surprise through the rearview mirror looking at Chen Ping, because he suddenly thought The fact is that the first time I saw you, I was able to find out what you were doing.

“Mr. Chen, if you can open 100% of the stones, then this business will be a million dollar profit, even if you become the richest man in the country!”

Wu Dong said excitedly.

“That’s a good way to earn money!” Chen Ping nodded his head.

“Chen …… Mr. Chen, if you know how to pick raw stones, then we can work together, I can give you fifty percent of the shares, no no no, eighty percent, I just need twenty percent of the shares, Mr. Chen just needs to come and inspect the goods after the raw stones! ”

Wu Dong’s heart was pounding inside, if he could pick out 100% of the raw stones containing gemstones, even if it was a 20% share, wouldn’t he be rich.

Pick out some good raw stones and open them yourself, and then have some rags left over to sell in the gambling shop for the gang of gamblers to gamble with, and make another fortune!

“You trust me so much?” Chen Ping laughed.

“Believe, with the hand that Mr. Chen showed yesterday, no master with such a unique vision could be found in the entire stone gambling world!”

Wu Dong said with a quick nod.

“Good then, I am also short of money, so I will cooperate with you for a hand!” Chen Ping nodded his head and said.

“Thank you Mr. Chen, thank you Mr. Chen …………”

Wu Dong was inwardly ecstatic and hurriedly thanked him!

When Wu Dong led Chen Ping to the Wu family home, Wu Liuyi was already waiting at the door with someone, and when he saw Chen Ping coming, Wu Liuyi personally went up and helped Chen Ping open the door!