Phoenix Among Men Chapter 410

Entering the hall of the Wu Family, Chen Ping found that Wu Liuyi had already prepared a very sumptuous lunch table, and only after inviting Chen Ping to the main seat did the others dare to sit down.

“Master Wu is too polite, it’s just a casual meal, why make it so grand!”

Chen Ping looked at the table of food and said with a faint smile!

“Mr. Chen has honoured me with his presence, how dare I neglect it!” Wu Liuyi said and personally got up to pour Chen Ping a gla*s of wine!

“Wu Dong, why don’t you toast Mr. Chen and make amends after him!”

Wu Liuyi said to Wu Dong after pouring a gla*s of wine for Chen Ping.

“No need, it’s not a big deal, no need to make amends again and again, that would make me look like a petty person!”

Chen Ping waved his hand and said.

“Yes, yes, yes!” Wu Liuyi nodded repeatedly, “Mr. Chen doesn’t know, this rebellious son of mine has been disobedient since he was young, and he is lazy by nature, he has no talent for practicing kung fu, but he is interested in some broken stones all day long, after this time, I will let him close the gambling shop, and never touch those big stones for me again!”

“Dad, I know I’m wrong, I’ll definitely change my arrogant and domineering nature in the future, but don’t let me close the shop!”

When Wu Dong heard this, he said anxiously.

“Shut up, thanks to Mr. Chen’s generosity this time, otherwise you would have lost your life, and you wouldn’t have opened a gambling shop, from now on, stay at home honestly and don’t go anywhere!”

Wu Liuyi glared angrily at Wu Dong and shouted a rebuke!

“Dad, I can’t close my shop!”

“Why can’t you close it?” Wu Liuyi roared.

“Because, because my gambling shop also has Mr. Chen’s shares, and now Mr. Chen is the owner, so it can’t be closed ……”

Wu Dong suddenly remembered the matter of giving Chen Ping eighty percent of the shares, and immediately said to Wu Liuyi.

Wu Liuyi froze and looked at Chen Ping with a puzzled face.

Chen Ping, on the other hand, nodded and said, “Wu Dong is right, I do intend to take a stake in his gambling shop, people have their own aspirations and different natural talents, not everyone is suitable for martial arts, I see that Wu Dong is very talented in this aspect of gambling stones!”

“In that case, then I am relieved, with Mr. Chen sitting in, I believe that my dog son can also do business honestly!”

Wu Liuyi didn’t expect Chen Ping to follow Wu Dong and start a business, but then, Chen Ping’s relationship with the Wu family would be one step closer!

The banquet started to go on, and people were constantly toasting Chen Ping, but Chen Ping did not refuse, after all, with the protection of the God Condensing Duel, it did not matter to Chen Ping how much wine he drank!

But during the banquet, Wu Liuyi seemed to have something on his mind and kept looking out the door, his expression looked a bit anxious!

“Martial Family Master, if you have something to do, then I will take my leave …………”

Looking at that appearance of Wu Liuyi, Chen Ping spoke up and said.

“No, no, no, Mr. Chen don’t misunderstand!” Seeing that Chen Ping had misunderstood, Wu Liuyi hurriedly explained, “I have another son who has been training martial arts outside, I instructed him that he had to come back at noon, hoping that he would be able to give Mr. Chen some pointers, but this fellow has surprisingly not arrived yet!”

Wu Liuyi said, his face showing anger!

“Practising martial arts outside? With the Martial Family Master’s skills, would he still need to send his son out?”

Chen Ping felt a little surprised!

No matter how one said it, Wu Liuyi was also an Inner Strength Grandmaster, a person who could be ranked in the provincial city, and still needed to send his son out to practice martial arts!

Wu Liuyi laughed bitterly, “Mr. Chen, you don’t know, I can still hold my own in the provincial city, but outside of Jiangbei, I am nothing, you know there are many masters in the martial arts world, what is this Internal Strength Master of mine.”

“Are there any masters above you?” Chen Ping was a little surprised!

After all, he was not from the martial arts world, nor did he cultivate jin qi, so he did not know the ranking of the martial arts world, in his opinion, to be able to practice jin qi to the realm of zong shi was already considered very good!