Phoenix Among Men Chapter 41

“You guys are too bullying, just because you are rich and powerful, you bully us ordinary people, everyone come and see, Miss Su is bullying people!”

Geng Shanshan would not wipe Chen Ping’s clothes, she couldn’t get over that hurdle in her heart!

Chen Ping had always been obedient to her and was a licking dog, now she was suddenly asked to bow down to Chen Ping, she couldn’t do it!

At this moment, Geng Shanshan pretended to look vulnerable, hoping to get pity and help from the people around her!

Snap …………

Just as Geng Shanshan was trying to seek help from the people around her, Su Yuqi stepped forward and gave her a slap, without delay, which instantly blinded Geng Shanshan!

“What a waste of words, I’ll tell you to wipe it off now!”

Su Yuqi said to Geng Shanshan in an unquestionable tone.

Geng Shanshan covered her face and looked at the crowd around her, but none of them spoke up to help, and some of the timid ones even left in a hurry, not daring to stay any longer!

The helpless Geng Shanshan looked at Su Yuqi’s cold look and could only pull out a tissue and slowly walked up to Chen Ping, squatting down ready to wipe the spittle off Chen Ping’s clothes!

Chen Ping looked down at Geng Shanshan with a cold smile on his face, but just as Geng Shanshan was about to wipe it off for Chen Ping, Chen Ping dodged!

Geng Shanshan froze and looked up at Chen Ping!

“I’m afraid of your hands and getting my clothes dirty ……”

Chen Ping finished and wiped it off himself with a tissue!

“You ……”

Geng Shanshan’s chest rose and fell in anger, going not knowing how to retort!

“Let’s go!”

Chen Ping took Su Yuqi’s hand and strode out of the mall!

Geng Shanshan looked at the backs of the two, her body shaking with anger, gritting her teeth and saying, “Chen Ping, you b*****d, I will never let you go!”

But Chen Ping had long since walked out of the mall and could not be heard!

“You are quite spirited today, this is not in line with your status as Miss Su, this will not reflect well on you if word gets out!”

As she walked out of the mall, Chen Ping looked at Su Yuqi and said.

“I don’t care if she’s good or not, I’m angry at Geng Shanshan when I see her!” Su Yuqi gritted her teeth, her face now still carrying anger, but then looked at Chen Ping: “Are you scared by me?”

“No!” Chen Ping shook his head with a faint smile, “You’re quite tasty when you’re in a fury!”

“Since you like it, then I’ll be intimidated by you every day, right?”

Su Yuqi said with a twinkle in her eye.

“Don’t don’t don’t ……” Chen Ping waved his hands and immediately changed the subject and asked, “Where exactly are you taking me when you dress me up like this?”

“Today ancient in our family Regal Hotel big feast, Hongcheng dignified figures will be present, I heard that can participate in the conditions are very harsh, also not allowed to bring family members, but this is in our own home hotel, I can without invitation, bring you in, so that you follow Hongcheng these dignified figures to get acquainted!”

Su Yuqi was not selling the lawsuit and followed Chen Ping truthfully.

After hearing this, Chen Ping burst into tears and laughter, this Gu Wentian had thrown a feast just for him, and now Su Yuqi actually wanted to sneak him in!

“What are you laughing at? What I’m saying is true, and this time when Ancient had a big feast, I heard that it was to introduce a friend to these bigwigs in Hongcheng, and now they’re all speculating about who this friend of Ancient’s really is!”

“Do you know how many people want to attend this banquet but simply don’t have the qualification or opportunity? If the banquet wasn’t held at the Regal Hotel, I wouldn’t have had the chance to take you in, so you should behave yourself!”

Su Yuqi followed Chen Ping and admonished!

“Okay, I will behave well!” Chen Ping smiled, he didn’t tell Su Yuqi the truth, he just wanted to give her a surprise!

Unknowingly, Chen Ping could also feel the change in his heart towards Su Yuqi, although neither of them said anything, but something could be felt, just unspoken!