Phoenix Among Men Chapter 40

Chen Ping smiled and stood in the same place waiting for Su Yuqi!

Many of the girls who pa*sed by, after seeing Chen Ping, unconsciously looked back twice, and there were even a few who came over to ask for contact information, but were rejected by Chen Ping!

At the other side of the mall, Geng Shanshan and Jiang Wenjing also came to the mall.

Yesterday, Geng Shanshan was scolded for being so angry, so she planned to buy today so that she could feel better.

“Shanshan, look, there’s a handsome guy standing across the street, just by looking at his back he can charm people to death!”

Jiang Wenjing said to Geng Shanshan with some excitement.

When Geng Shanshan heard Jiang Wenjing say that, she also hurriedly looked up and saw a tall guy, wearing a suit, standing straight across the street, just by looking at the back she could feel the noble aura on the guy!

“Don’t be a back killer again, right?”

Geng Shanshan whispered.

“No way, I can feel it, this must be a big handsome guy, Shanshan you already have Mr. Xiao, I’ll take care of this handsome guy!”

Jiang Wenjing finished and couldn’t wait to go over!

Geng Shanshan was also curious and hurriedly followed!

“Handsome fellow, are you waiting for someone?”

Jiang Wenjing asked as she stepped forward and patted the boy’s shoulder!

But as soon as the boy turned around, Jiang Wenjing and Geng Shanshan all froze on the spot!

“Chen …… Chen Ping, how come it’s you?”

Jiang Wenjing said with a face full of surprise.

The company’s main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the market.

“Why can’t it be me?” As soon as Chen Ping saw that it was Geng Shanshan and Jiang Wenjing, he said with a cold smile!

“How can you come to this mall, things here are very expensive!”

Jiang Wenjing said with a puzzled look on her face!

In Jiang Wenjing’s eyes, Chen Ping’s family condition was not even ordinary enough, so how could he come to this mall, and looking at the clothes on his body, they seemed to be worth a lot of money!

“Is the mall owned by your family? I can come here whenever I want!”

Chen Ping nonchalantly choked out that Jiang Wenjing, instantly choking that Jiang Wenjing into speechlessness.

“Chen Ping, just this virtue of yours, is a toad wearing a dragon robe, no matter what you can not become a dragon, do not know where to buy cheap goods, come here to pretend to catch a girl, bah ……”

Geng Shanshan spat fiercely towards Chen Ping!

“Whether he can turn into a dragon or not is not for you, a chicken, to say!” Without waiting for Chen Ping to say anything, Su Yuqi walked over with a bit of coldness on her face, “Wipe the sh*t you took off for me!”

Su Yuqi said as she pointed at the spit Geng Shanshan had spat on Chen Ping’s clothes.

Seeing that it was Su Yuqi, Geng Shanshan’s eyes had a bit of retreat, compared to Su Yuqi, she Geng Shanshan is nothing, she is the richest girl in Hongcheng!

But in front of so many people in the mall, calling her a chicken and asking her to wipe Chen Ping’s clothes, of course Geng Shanshan was not happy about it.

“You …… don’t talk so mean, don’t bully people just because you’re the Miss Su family!”

Geng Shanshan struggled to keep her temper.

“I said for you to wipe it off, can’t you hear me? Do you think if I slap you twice now, then Xiao Lei would dare to find me?”

The aura on Su Yuqi’s body clearly pushed that Geng Shanshan down, causing that Geng Shanshan’s body to start trembling slightly!

Geng Shanshan knew that it would be futile for Su Yuqi to hit her, Xiao Lei would not follow the Su family and turn over his face for her.

Chen Ping looked at Geng Shanshan that way, the corners of his mouth slightly raised, without saying a word, he just looked on with a cold smile!

“I rub, I’ll rub ……”

That Jiang Wenjing saw this and hurriedly took out a tissue, wanting to replace Geng Shanshan and wipe it off for Chen Ping!

“What kind of thing are you? Is my boyfriend also something you can touch?”

Su Yuqi directly pushed that Jiang Wenjing away!

Jiang Wenjing’s face was red with embarra*sment, but she didn’t dare to say a word, Geng Shanshan didn’t dare to mess with Su Yuqi, so she dared not even more.