Phoenix Among Men Chapter 416

“Is this …… this the spirit stone?”

Chen Ping’s eyes widened, his eyes filled with incredulity!

After picking up this stone, Chen Ping sensed it again with his eyes slightly closed, and found that there was no longer a stone with spirit energy surging through it!

“Where did you get this stone from?” Chen Ping took the spirit stone and asked with an excited look on his face as he walked towards that General Manager Feng.

Chief Feng swept a glance at Chen Ping with disdain in his eyes, snorted coldly and simply ignored him!

“I ask you, where did you get this stone from?”

Chen Ping grabbed that General Feng’s collar and said with a face full of anxiety.

Mr Feng’s face was furious, those bodyguards instantly surrounded him, and when Wu Dong saw this, he hurried over too!

“Mr. Chen, what’s wrong?” Wu Dong stepped forward and hurriedly pulled Chen Ping away, before apologizing and saying to General Manager Feng, “General Manager Feng, sorry, maybe Mr. Chen saw that these raw stones were good and got a little excited!”

“Humph, if it wasn’t for Wu Dong’s sake today, I’d have to scrap this kid!”

Chief Feng snorted coldly, waved his hand and told his bodyguards to all retreat!

Chen Ping also felt that he had lost his temper a little, so he calmed down.

“Mr. Chen, this stone in your hand, is it some kind of gemstone?”

Seeing Chen Ping holding a stone that was only the size of an egg, Wu Dong asked.

“Oh, it’s not a gemstone, I just think this stone is a bit special!” Chen Ping shook his head, and then asked, “These stones, are they all mined from Mount Heng?”

“Yes, looking at the colour and shape of these stones, they were all mined from Mount Heng, but there really aren’t many small stones like the one you’re holding in Mount Heng, even if there were goods inside such stones, they wouldn’t be worth a few dollars, they’re too small!”

Wu Dong explained.

Chen Ping smiled faintly and didn’t say anything, Wu Dong didn’t understand at all, how important this stone was to himself!

“Looks like I’ll have to make a trip to Mount Heng sometime, I might even be able to find a spirit stone there ……”

Chen Ping secretly pondered!

“Superb, this Heng Shan stone is really superb ah, this emerald green colour can be so clear from the outside, it can definitely not be wrong to open it out!”

Ten minutes later, that Pei Lao suddenly exclaimed loudly!

When Wu Dong heard this, he hurriedly ran over, “Pei Lao, you said that there are goods in these dozen stones?”

“Of course, come and see!”

Pei Lao took a small torch and shone it on the stone, and soon a greenish sheen emerged from it!

Pei Lao hit it again with a small hammer, knocking the outer skin off, and the green inside became even more vibrant.

Wu Dong was overjoyed, this kind of good stuff could come out of a dozen stones he had chosen at random, so there must be a lot in this cart, this is really good luck!

“Pei Lao, thank you so much, I will call you later for your reward.”

Wu Dong said excitedly.

Pei Lao nodded, sat back in his chair and began to rest again, this $10 million was really easy to earn!

“Sir Wu, I’ve said that this batch of goods is extremely high quality, if you buy it, you will definitely make a lot of money!”

Chief Feng said to Wu Dong.

Wu Dong smiled and said, “Chief Feng, name a price, how much is this load of raw stones?”

“The usual rules, Heng Shan stones are twice as expensive as other stones, so this truckload is three hundred million, no haggling, you can make your money back if you open a few imperial green, besides, the shipping rate of Heng Shan stones is very high.”

Feng said as he held out three fingers.

Wu Dong hesitated, then looked at Chen Ping, after all, now Chen Ping was the major shareholder, it was up to Chen Ping to say what he wanted!

“What does Mr. Chen think?” Wu Dong asked.

“These stones are all rubbish, not to mention 300 million, 30 million is not even worth ……”

Chen Ping said indifferently.

Just as Chen Ping’s words landed, Pei Lao, who had planned to rest with his eyes slightly closed, snapped his eyes open!