Phoenix Among Men Chapter 417

And that Mr. Feng said with an angry face, “Kid, what are you talking about? Do you know how to gamble on stones? I have a cart full of Hengshan stones here, and you say it’s not worth thirty million? That’s a joke!”

“Wu Dong, where did you find that hairy kid? Among the dozen stones I just looked at, I could see some ice seeds, imperial green and chicken-blood red, as you yourself just saw, and now he is saying that a cart of Hengshan stones is not worth thirty million?” Pei Lao got up and said with a cold face, “I think this cart of raw stones, three hundred million is not even too much, if you don’t want it, then give it to me!”

Pei Lao had just said that these stones were extremely fine, but now Chen Ping had gone so far as to say they were rubbish, this was not obviously following Pei Lao in singing the opposite tune, how could Pei Lao not get angry!

“Pei Lao, don’t be angry!” Wu Dong hurriedly persuaded Pei Lao, and then looked at Chen Ping with a puzzled expression, “Mr. Chen, this cart of Hengshan stones is indeed good, and the price of 300 million is not too high, or else ……”

“You don’t believe me?” Chen Ping looked at Wu Dong and asked coldly.

“No, no, no, how could I not believe Mr. Chen!” Wu Dong waved his hands repeatedly!

“Since you believe in me, then you don’t want this cart of stones!”

Chen Ping finished, walked to the side and sat down, and began to play with the spirit stones he was holding!

Wu Dong was full of dilemmas, but in the end, he walked up to Feng and said, “Feng, I’m really sorry, I can’t accept this cart of raw stones!”

The Chief Feng was stunned, and then said with a face full of anger, “Wu Dong, Pei Lao has said that it is of the highest quality, but you don’t believe Pei Lao and believe the words of a hairy boy, how ridiculous, since you don’t want it, then I will find another seller and let someone else go and make a fortune!”

Mr Feng’s words made it very difficult for Wu Dong, but since Chen Ping had given the word, Wu Dong did not dare to stay even if he wanted it in his heart.

“Chief Feng, I’ll take this batch of raw stones, today I’m going to show them that opportunities don’t come all the time!”

Pei Lao said as he walked up to Mr Feng.

“Pei Lao, since you want it, I’ll bleed out today too, $250 million for you, but I want it transferred on the spot, no credit!”

“No problem, I’ll transfer the money to you right away!” Pei Lao’s heart was immediately happy, this export was fifty million dollars cheaper, this big bargain he had gotten.

Because he didn’t have enough money, Pei Lao started calling to borrow money, and then called for someone to come and prepare the raw stone to be transported away!

After about an hour or so, Pei’s money came together and he transferred it directly to Feng!

Looking at those raw stones, Pei Lao was so excited that he coldly glanced at Wu Dong and said, “Today I’ll show you youngsters what a superb Hengshan stone is, how dare I say rubbish when I’ve had my eyes on the stones!”

After saying that, Pei Lao ordered someone to cut open the dozen of stones he had seen, while cutting the original stones, that Pei Lao’s face carried a strong smugness, he believed that these dozen of original stones could definitely be shipped inside.

“Pei Lao, I have a long way to travel and I have to rush back, you guys just take your time here and open them!”

Seeing this, Feng said to that Pei Lao.

“Feng, don’t go, follow me to witness a piece, so that they young people long knowledge ……,” Pei Lao said as he pulled Feng.

I saw that Feng’s face was a bit embarra*sed, but he could only stay!

Wu Dong watched from the side, his eyes were red, he was really envious, but unfortunately Chen Ping wouldn’t let him take it, so he could only watch others earn money.

Soon, a dozen of raw stones were cut, and when they were opened, everyone was dumbfounded.

After the stones were cut open, there was nothing inside, just ordinary stones, and they were covered with cracks!

As for the green and red colours seen from the outside, they were all just on the surface of the stone, as if they had been deliberately painted on!