Phoenix Among Men Chapter 418

“How did this ………… happen? This is not possible?”

Pei Lao’s eyes were wide open, and he looked at the dozens of stones like a madman, and then yelled, “Keep opening them, open all the stones here!”

Soon, dozens more were opened, but nothing was found, they were all ordinary stones, not even a single jade seed in them!

“No need to open them, there will be nothing, a waste of time ……”

Chen Ping slowly got up and threw out the piece of spirit stone in his hand, by now the spirit energy on the stone had long been absorbed by Chen Ping!

Pei Lao’s entire body looked like he was dumb, his body swayed twice, and then rushed towards that General Manager Feng with a face of anger: “How dare you cheat me, give the money back ……”

Pei Lao grabbed that General Feng’s collar with a deadly grip!

Feng’s face was furious, and he no longer had the respectful look he had at the beginning, and pushed Pei Lao hard: “Old thing, the rules of the gambling world, how can you blame me when you have looked away yourself!”

After pushing Pei Lao away, Feng turned around and led his men to prepare to leave, but Pei Lao did not relent, “Stop them, you can’t let them go!”

The men Pei Lao called for instantly surrounded Feng and his men, and when Feng’s bodyguards saw this, they immediately struck, and in just a few dozen seconds, they knocked Pei Lao’s men to the ground!

“Humph!” Chief Feng coldly snorted, before giving that Chen Ping a look and said, “Kid, I remember you, better not let me see you in the future!”

After threatening Chen Ping, that Chief Feng led his men to leave directly!

At this moment, Pei Lao was sitting on the ground, his face was deadly grey, whimpering and crying!

He had borrowed money to buy all of these, and now they had all become rubbish, so much money, what would he use to pay them back?

Chen Ping swept a glance at that Pei Lao, before turning to Wu Dong, “Let’s go!”

Wu Dong nodded and respectfully followed behind Chen Ping, he was now in awe of Chen Ping, if it wasn’t for Chen Ping, he would be the one sitting on the floor crying right now.

“Mr. Chen, where are we going now?”

On the road, Wu Dong asked Chen Ping.

“To gamble on stones, you take me to see all the raw stones in the entire provincial city, I am short of money now!”

Chen Ping said unapologetically.

“Good!” With an excited face, Wu Dong took Chen Ping straight to the market’s gambling street!

For a whole afternoon, Wu Dong breezed through the entire provincial city’s gambling street with Chen Ping, and no matter what kind of raw stones they had, they were able to open up the goods.

Almost all the original stones in the provincial city were looked at once, imperial green, chicken blood red, ice seeds and so on, opening up an unknown number of them, and Wu Dong would sell the opened stones on the spot and exchange them directly for money.

“Mr. Chen, we made two billion in one afternoon, two billion ah …………”

In the evening, on the way home from dropping Chen Ping off, Wu Dong yelled excitedly!

Chen Ping leaned on the back of his chair, resting with his eyes slightly closed, two billion was still too little for him, and the half day had consumed a lot of Chen Ping’s spiritual energy, and now his body was a little drained!

After sending Chen Ping home, Wu Dong left some of his own money and transferred the rest to Chen Ping, and Chen Ping also instructed Wu Dong to acquire more raw stones, especially Hengshan stones!

It wasn’t that Chen Ping liked the Heng Shan stones, he just hoped that he would be able to discover the spirit stones again, and that would prove that the appearance of the spirit stones in Heng Shan was no accident.

As soon as Chen Ping entered the door, he saw Su Yuqi sitting alone, bored in the living room. When she saw that Chen Ping had returned, she hurriedly got up and greeted him, “You had lunch, why did you come back at night? I’m bored out of my mind!”

“Where is Gu Ling’er?” Chen Ping asked.

“What? Do you miss her?” Su Yuqi asked, looking straight at Chen Ping.