Phoenix Among Men Chapter 419

Looking at Su Yuqi’s look, Chen Ping was helpless for a while, there are times when a woman’s mind, a man really can’t guess!

“I’m just curious, why didn’t she accompany you?”

Chen Ping explained.

“Ling’er has her own job, she can’t be with me every day, in order to keep me company these days, she didn’t even go to work!”

Su Yuqi’s face was bitter, “If we’re done with things in the provincial city, let’s go back to Jiangcheng tomorrow, my dad is at home by himself, I’m a bit uneasy!”

Chen Ping frowned slightly, the money hadn’t been gathered yet, the medicinal herbs hadn’t been obtained yet, Chen Ping didn’t feel comfortable leaving like that, besides in another week was that martial arts gathering, Chen Ping still planned to go around!

“If you still have things to do, it’s fine to stay a few more days, I’m just saying that casually!”

Seeing that Chen Ping was a bit embarra*sed, Su Yuqi hurriedly changed her tone.

“It’s fine, I’ll accompany you back tomorrow, but I won’t be able to stay in Jiangcheng for a few days, I’ll have to come back to take care of some things!”

Chen Ping said with a faint smile.

He just happened to send Su Yuqi back to Jiangcheng, after all, it was safer there, if he was in the provincial city, the Feng family’s people and Xuan Yue Valley’s people might come looking for trouble, Su Yuqi was not safe here!

“Mm!” Su Yuqi nodded her head.

Early the next morning, Chen Ping gave Red Phoenix a call, transferred the money he was holding to Red Phoenix, told Red Phoenix that he was working on the rest of the money, and told Red Phoenix to try to talk to the Pill King’s House, and delay it for a few days!

Lin Tianhu drove to pick up Chen Ping as soon as he knew he was going back to Jiangcheng with Su Yuqi!

“Lin Tianhu, you don’t have to go back, just find a reliable person to help you take care of the Gathering Hall first!”

Chen Ping knew that Lin Tianhu and Chifeng were in a tight spot right now, so he wanted the two of them to spend more time together to cultivate their relationship.

Lin Tianhu knew what Chen Ping meant and blushed slightly and said, “Mr. Chen, I’m going back this time to give an account of the Gathering of Righteousness Hall, and when you return to the provincial capital, I’ll come back with you!”

Chen Ping smiled and did not say anything else.

Lin Tianhu drove and took Chen Ping and Su Yuqi back to Jiangcheng!

When they arrived in Jiangcheng, it was already afternoon, and Chen Ping and Su Yuqi did not go to Pan Long Bay Villa, but went directly to the Su family villa!

As soon as they entered, Su Yuqi excitedly shouted, “Dad, we’re back …………”

Su Wenzong was drinking tea in the courtyard, when he heard Su Yuqi’s shout, his face instantly smiled as well!

“Come, come and sit over here!”

Su Wenzong beckoned!

Chen Ping’s hand carried some local specialties from the provincial city and put them on the stone table, “Uncle, I don’t know if you like it, I bought some local specialties for you!”

“Hahahaha, you guys bought them, I just like them, have a seat!”

Su Wenzong personally poured a cup of tea for Chen Ping!

Chen Ping sat opposite Su Wenzong, while Su Yuqi sat beside him, snuggling on Su Wenzong’s shoulder, still acting like a child!

“Chen Ping, this time in the provincial city, you encountered quite a lot of trouble, right?”

Su Wenzong asked.

“Luckily, they’ve all been resolved!” Chen Ping said with a faint smile.

“If there’s trouble, don’t carry it on your own, we’re a family now, you shouldn’t be out of touch.” Su Wenzong said.

“Mm!” Chen Ping nodded his head!

Su Wenzong reached into his coat pocket before pulling out a bank card and placing it in front of Chen Ping, “Chen Ping, here is five billion, although it is not much, take it first, I know you are short of money recently!”

Chen Ping was stunned, five billion was almost the entire fortune of the Su family.

“Uncle, I can’t take this money, the Su family’s estate is something you’ve built up over your lifetime, how can I take it!”

Chen Ping thought Su Wenzong had sold the entire Su family estate!

“Chen Ping, I heard it long ago when you called, I knew you were short of money now, so I informed my father, take it quickly, my father only has one daughter anyway, the Su family’s things will be mine sooner or later!”

Su Yuqi said to Chen Ping.