Phoenix Among Men Chapter 425

The spiritual energy inside the body was draining away at a rapid rate, going directly into Chen Ping’s body, which was then refined by the Heart Condensation Skill to become his own use!

After draining the spirit energy from Protector Zuo’s body, Chen Ping disposed of the corpse and threw it all into the mountain stream!

After tidying up the room, looking at the closed bedroom door, Chen Ping went up and pushed it, and found that it was still locked!

“Yu Qi, it’s me, it’s all right now!”

Chen Ping said as he knocked on the door.

Su Yuqi opened the door with panic on her face, and when she saw that it was Chen Ping, she jumped into Chen Ping’s arms!

Chen Ping gently patted Su Yuqi’s back and gently comforted her!

At that moment, the jade pendant on Su Yuqi’s body had lost its colour and effect!

Chen Ping frowned slightly, he had to think of a way to refine a more powerful protective spirit device, otherwise Su Yuqi’s safety was not guaranteed.

Now Chen Ping’s weakness was Su Yuqi, and he was always worried about her safety!

At the same time in the hall of Xuan Yue Valley, the valley master Qian Feng was playing chess with an old man when suddenly there was a rattling in the black clay jar beside him, Qian Feng opened the jar to check and found that two more parasites had died and had been divided by other parasites!

“See I really underestimated this guy ……”

Qian Feng’s brow furrowed.

“What? The left and right guardians are also dead?” The old man asked.

Qian Feng nodded, his face was ugly, and didn’t say anything!

“Looks like it’s better for us old things to go and take a look!” The old man said, and with a sudden wave of his sleeves, all the pieces in front of him instantly disappeared!

The old man turned around and left, while Qian Feng’s eyes flashed with a cold aura.

At this moment, in the Pan Long Bay villa, Su Yuqi had already fallen into a deep sleep, one hand clutching the corner of Chen Ping’s coat, seeing that she was very scared, afraid that Chen Ping would leave!

Looking at Su Yuqi, Chen Ping sighed softly, his eyes full of pity, if it wasn’t for him, Su Yuqi wouldn’t have been so frightened.

With his eyes slightly closed, Chen Ping began to refine the spiritual energy of the left and right guardians of Xuan Yue Valley, and above Chen Ping’s head, a white mist, if any, became a swirling vortex, rushing towards Chen Ping’s body!

Early the next morning!

Red Phoenix sent a message, saying that he had already transferred the money to the Pill King’s House, and was now waiting for the Pill King’s House to deliver the goods!

Chen Ping didn’t reply either, he intended to use these few days to keep Su Yuqi company and let her slowly come out of her fear.

Meanwhile at the Pill King Mansion in Tianfeng Town, after receiving the money transferred by Red Phoenix, the butler Old Qiu immediately found the Mansion Master, Sun Simiao!

“House Master, the money has already been called, are we still sending out the goods?”

Old Qiu asked.

“Of course we should send it, and not a single herb should be sent less!”

Sun Simiao said.

“House Master, why? That Jiang Zhengzhong is dead, and the money is all in the name of the Jiang family, so why do we still have to ship to them? That Red Phoenix doesn’t have any backers in Kyoto!”

Old Qiu said with a puzzled look on his face!

“Although that Red Phoenix has no backers in Kyoto, there is still a capable person standing behind him, just in his early twenties, and he was able to kill Jiang Zhengzhong, and even that old thing Buzzy of Xuan Yue Valley, don’t you think that’s a wonder?”

Sun Simiao said with the corners of his mouth slightly raised.

“Is that the one called Chen Ping that the House Master is talking about? I’ve heard that the reason he was able to kill Jiang Zhengzhong was entirely because Jiang Zhengzhong’s energy dried up after his forceful battle with Sun Yaobang and Red Phoenix, and that Chen Ping picked up the slack!”

Old Qiu said with some disdain, just in his early twenties, even if he cultivated from his mother’s womb, he couldn’t have reached the level of an Inner Strength Grandmaster!

“What about the Xuan Yue Valley’s Bu Dang? And not long ago, a left inspector sent by the Xuan Yue Valley was also killed by this Chen Ping, remember, the enemy of an enemy is a friend, sooner or later we will have a battle following the Xuan Yue Valley, now since that Chen Ping has made a deadly feud following the Xuan Yue Valley, let’s bring him in, this is an incomparable genius!”

The more Sun Simiao spoke, the more excited he became, a brilliant light shining in his eyes!