Phoenix Among Men Chapter 426

“How about this kid being so powerful?” Old Qiu looked a little surprised, “The House Master is planning to drag this Chen Ping into our Pill King Mansion!”

“Not bad, our Pill King Mansion needs such a talent!” Sun Simiao nodded his head!

“But that Chen Ping killed Jiang Zhengzhong, didn’t you say that Jiang’s family has a backer in Kyoto? What should we do if Jiang’s family’s backers find trouble with that Chen Ping?” Old Qiu was puzzled, Chen Ping was now in an eventful time, why was Sun Simiao still thinking of pulling him in!

“Haha …… Lao Qiu, that Jiang family has a Jiang Zhengde in Kyoto, and don’t you know about our pill kingdom’s backers in Kyoto? Do you think I would be afraid?”

Sun Simiao laughed out loud!

Old Qiu nodded repeatedly, “That’s right, which family in Kyoto can compare to the Bai family!”

“You go ahead, the martial arts gathering will start soon, we need to raise the rewards a bit this year, and also the trade street should be renovated as soon as possible, only when we become more and more famous here will more and more precious herbs and treasures flow here!”

Sun Simiao waved his hand and said.

“Understood!” Old Qiu retreated.

Just after Old Qiu left, a young man of twenty-seven or eighteen came out from the back of the hall, the young man was well dressed and had an extraordinary apparatus at first glance.

“Second Young Master …………”

Sun Simiao hurriedly got up and bowed slightly towards that young man.

The person who was able to make the Pill King’s House Master so respectful was certainly not an ordinary person, this person was the second young master of the Bai family in Kyoto, Bai Zhan Tang, don’t look at this Bai Zhan Tang was only twenty-seven or twenty-eight, but his strength had already reached the Inner Strength Zong Shi, now he was already a Sixth Grade Zong Shi, even stronger than that Jiang Zheng Zhong!

The reason why Bai Zhan Tang had reached this level of strength at such a young age was due to the Pill King’s House, which had to pay a large amount of pills to the Bai family every year to a*sist the Bai family’s children in their training!

“Master Sun, no need to be so polite, sit down ……”

Although Bai Zhan Tang was the second young master of the Bai family in Kyoto and was still so strong, he was introverted in character.

“Second Young Master, is there something that you have personally come to this year’s Martial Dao gathering?”

Sun Simiao asked Bai Zhan Tang carefully after he sat down.

“Mm!” Bai Zhan Tang nodded, “My Bai family has a lost spiritual artifact, which is able to nourish the body and also turn good fortune into good fortune, so I came over to see if this spiritual artifact, will be present at this Martial Dao gathering!”

When Sun Simiao heard this, he looked surprised, “Second Young Master, is there anyone else in this world who can steal things from the Bai family?”

Bai Zhan Tang smiled awkwardly, “Don’t ask too many questions, a few of my Bai family’s subordinates will be coming afterwards, just receive them well, and also the news of my coming here must never be revealed half a cent!”

“Second Young Master, don’t worry, I will never reveal it!” Sun Simiao nodded his head!

As the martial arts gathering approached, people had already started to arrive in Tianfeng Town in advance, and a town of only 10,000 people started to become lively at this time.

Chen Ping followed Su Yuqi and accompanied Su Wenzong in Hongcheng for a few days before returning to the provincial capital. At first, Chen Ping wanted to let Su Yuqi stay in Hongcheng, but after the incident of the Xuan Yue Valley’s left and right protectors, Chen Ping did not dare to let Su Yuqi leave his side half a step again!

It was in the afternoon that Lin Tianhu drove Chen Ping and Su Yuqi to the provincial capital.

“You two are finally back, I’ve been waiting here for days!”

Seeing that Chen Ping and Su Yuqi had returned, Gu Ling’er hurriedly said.

“Ling’er, what are you waiting for us for? Why aren’t you at work?”

Su Yuqi saw Gu Ling’er waiting for them, so she asked strangely.

Chen Ping was also full of doubts and said, “What happened?”

“I quit my job, I don’t work anymore!” Gu Ling’er opened her mouth and said.