Phoenix Among Men Chapter 427

“Resignation?” Chen Ping and Su Yuqi all looked at Gu Ling’er in surprise!

They both knew that Gu Ling’er’s ambition was to become an agent and get rid of violence.

How could she resign just like that?

“Why did she resign?” Su Yuqi said in surprise.

“I want to become strong, only when I am strong can I punish the strong and help the weak, so I want to worship Chen Ping as my teacher!”

Gu Ling’er said with a determined face as she looked towards Chen Ping.

During this period of time, Gu Ling’er had been deeply struck, in front of people’s absolute strength, even though she was a member of the Guardian Pavilion, she had no deterrent effect at all, which had prompted Gu Ling’er to resign, to make herself stronger!

Gu Ling’er’s words almost made Chen Ping fall over!

Su Yuqi covered her mouth and laughed, “Ling’er, what are you mad about? If you take Chen Ping as your teacher, what will you call me? Are you going to call me Master Mother?”

“Go, go, go, who is calling you Master Mother, you two are not even married yet, you are saying that, really not shy ……”

Gu Ling’er gave Su Yuqi a white look before looking at Chen Ping and said, “Chen Ping, I want to be your master, you teach me kung fu!”

“I don’t accept disciples!” Chen Ping shook his head!

“I can’t accept, I’m stuck with you, I’ll go wherever you go!”

Gu Ling’er grabbed Chen Ping’s arm, looking like she was going to rely on Chen Ping.

Chen Ping looked at Gu Ling’er like that and looked at Su Yuqi with a helpless face, he wanted Su Yuqi to help him persuade her!

Su Yuqi smiled, “I can’t help you, if you can’t, you should compromise!”

Chen Ping sighed: “I can teach you, but I can’t be your master, I can give you some pointers once in a while!”

Chen Ping had no choice but to make a compromise!

“Yes, you just have to teach me!” Gu Ling’er smiled, then pulled Su Yuqi and ran away, saying as she ran, “Yuqi, I’ll take you to see my new foundation, it’s especially great!”

Looking at the two’s backs, Chen Ping smiled faintly!

“Mr. Chen, Chifeng has sent all the herbs over!”

Lin Tianhu walked over and said to Chen Ping.

Chen Ping nodded and followed Lin Tianhu into the room, a separate room that Chen Ping had specially sent someone to pack out for alchemy!

When Chifeng saw Chen Ping coming, he immediately went forward and said, “Mr. Chen, the Pill King’s House has got all the herbs, and the Pill King’s House has even given some more, it looks like they don’t know that Jiang Zhengzhong has died!”

Chen Ping swept a glance at those medicinal herbs on the ground, all of them were extremely fine medicinal herbs that were over a hundred years old, with a rich and pure spirit!

“No, they must have already known about it!”

Chen Ping looked at those medicinal herbs and said with a faint smile.

If it was said that the Pill King’s Mansion did not get the news that quickly when they killed Jiang Zhengzhong at the beginning, but now that more than ten days had pa*sed, there was no way that the Pill King’s Mansion did not know about it, and if the Pill King’s Mansion could be unaware of something this big happening, then there was no way they could have made it to this scale!

“Then why did the Pill King Mansion know about it and still follow us in the deal? I’ve sent people to pretend to talk to the Jiang family!”

Red Phoenix said with a puzzled expression.

“I’m not sure about that, maybe they have other plans!” Chen Ping was also confused as to what medicine was being sold inside this Pill King Mansion’s gourd, then Chen Ping continued, “Since the medicinal materials have been delivered, we will accept them, just in time for me to refine some pills for you two so that your strength can improve a bit!”

“Thank you, Mr. Chen ……”

Red Phoenix and Lin Tianhu all said with excitement on their faces!

Especially Lin Tianhu, coming to the provincial capital had touched him greatly, always thinking of improving his strength, if he could reach the realm of Inner Strength Patriarch one day, then this life would not have been lived in vain!

Chen Ping let Lin Tianhu and Red Phoenix stand guard outside, while he sat on his knees and refined a dozen pills from the billions of medicinal materials in front of him!