Phoenix Among Men Chapter 428

Chen Ping did not keep them for himself, but gave them all to Red Phoenix and Lin Tianhu, Lin Tianhu gave more, after all, Lin Tianhu’s strength was too low.

The two men looked at the pills in their hands, their eyes full of excitement and gratitude, they knew the value of these pills, they were made from billions of medicinal materials, and Chen Ping gave them all of them, this made the two men even more devoted to Chen Ping!

“Lin Tianhu, take the prescription for the Small Return Pill and go procure some herbs, I’m going to practice some Small Return Pills!”

Chen Ping instructed to Lin Tianhu!

“Good!” Lin Tianhu nodded and followed Red Phoenix to leave.

Chen Ping planned to practice some Small Returning Pills for when the Martial Dao gathering came around, just in case, he didn’t have much money on him now, so if he saw something he liked at the Martial Dao gathering, he could use the Small Returning Pills to exchange it.

In the evening, Gu Ling’er then called Chen Ping and Su Yuqi, intending to invite them out for dinner!

After all, Chen Ping had promised to teach her kung fu, so Gu Ling’er should show it too!

“Say, what do you guys want to eat, don’t save money for me!”

Gu Ling’er asked as she turned to Chen Ping and Su Yuqi.

“You know best what kind of food is available in the provincial city, where would we know!”

Su Yuqi said.

“Well then, I’ll take you guys to eat teppanyaki, I know a very good one!”

Gu Ling’er said and opened the car door!

But just as Gu Ling’er was about to get into the car, the phone suddenly rang, it was from home to Gu Ling’er, saying that something was going on and she wanted Gu Ling’er to come home for dinner!

Gu Ling’er was instantly embarra*sed, while Su Yuqi smiled faintly and said, “It’s fine, you go home and eat, the two of us will just find some place to eat!”

“Why don’t you guys come home with me and eat, it just so happens that my parents want to meet Chen Ping too!”

Gu Ling’er said.

“Your parents want to meet Chen Ping?” Su Yuqi was stunned!

Gu Ling’er immediately felt that she had said the wrong thing and immediately blushed and explained, “It’s all because of that Gu Feng, who has been chattering about how awesome and powerful Chen Ping is at home all day, so my parents are very curious!”

“That’s not very nice, is it?” Chen Ping was a little embarra*sed!

“What’s so bad about it, get in the car!”

Gu Ling’er pushed Su Yuqi and Chen Ping into the car, then drove straight to her house!

Gu Ling’er’s parents were both important people in the provincial capital, but they lived in a very ordinary neighborhood, a three room, two hall house, but also spacious!

At this moment downstairs, a Rolls Royce Phantom was parked inside the neighborhood, looking out of place in the neighborhood!

“Whose luxury car is this? It’s parked here, and it has a Kyoto number plate!”

Gu Ling’er muttered.

Chen Ping and Su Yuqi were following behind Gu Ling’er with gifts in their hands!

After all, it was the first time they went to Gu Ling’er’s home, so they couldn’t go empty-handed!

When Gu Ling’er pushed open the door to her home, she found that there were two more people in the house, and the atmosphere in the house was somewhat depressing!

Chen Ping and Su Yuqi followed her inside and also felt the atmosphere was not right at first!

Chen Ping was looking towards a young man sitting on the sofa, and this young man’s energy fluctuation had actually reached the strength of an internal energy master, even surpa*sing that of Jiang Zhengzhong!

Behind the young man, there was also a tall middle-aged man with a majestic face, whose aura was even more powerful, even surpa*sing that of the young man.

Now Chen Ping finally understood why Wu Liuyi had sent his son out, it seemed that there was really a world outside this martial arts world!

The young man also seemed to have sensed the aura on Chen Ping and raised his eyes to look at Chen Ping, but quickly withdrew his gaze!

“Dad, mum, what’s he doing here?”

Gu Ling’er looked at the young man sitting on the sofa and asked with an angry face at her parents.