Phoenix Among Men Chapter 433

“It’s nothing, senior brother said this guy is a clan master, I want to learn a couple of moves!”

Huo Shan looked at Chen Ping with an unpleasant expression!

He had long looked at Chen Ping with that lofty look on his face!

“Sifu, Mr. Chen he …………”

“You’re not worthy yet!” Chen Ping put his chopsticks down and said indifferently!

After saying that, Chen Ping got up and walked towards the stairs, not even eating his meal.

“Kid, what did you say?” Huo Shan scuttled up and tried to chase after Chen Ping!

Only to be pulled back by Wu Xi, who then chased after him towards Chen Ping!

Back in the room, Wu Xi apologised after Chen Ping one after another, “Mr. Chen, this senior brother of mine has a violent personality, I hope you will be generous ……”

But just as Wu Xi was speaking, that Huo Shan had already rushed in, followed by Gao Baisheng followed by Huo Donglai!

“Kid, you have the ability to repeat that just now!”

Huo Shan shouted angrily at Chen Ping!

“Senior brother, senior brother …………”

Seeing this, Wu Xi hurriedly stopped Huo Shan, lest Huo Shan follow Chen Ping and start a conflict!

“Senior brother, don’t stop me, I must teach this brat a good lesson today!”

The tyrannical aura on Huo Shan’s body had begun to erupt!

“Senior brother, Chen is the one who killed Jiang Zhengzhong, you’re no match for him at all!”

Seeing this, Wu Xi could only tell the truth about Chen Ping’s identity, or else this Huo Shan would simply refuse to stop!

Sure enough, once Wu Xi said so, Huo Shan instantly quieted down and sized up Chen Ping in some disbelief!

“No wonder you dare to speak so boldly, so after killing Jiang Zhengzhong, you boast that you are invincible in the world and put no one in your eyes, haven’t you ever heard that the deeper you practice martial arts, the lower your profile should be?”

Gao Baisheng said coldly.

“Even if he could kill Jiang Zhengzhong, today I’ll give it a try and see if I’m worthy to fight him!”

Huo Shan saw that his master had said so, and his anger immediately rushed up again.

Wu Xi was about to stop him, but he was rebuked by Gao Baisheng, “Wu Xi, you are not allowed to stop him, or else don’t blame me for disowning you!”

Upon hearing this, Wu Xi could only sigh and dodged to the side!

“Kid, do it!” Huo Shan roared at Chen Ping without Wu Xi to stop him!

“I said, you’re not worthy ……”

Chen Ping said calmly!

Chen Ping had broken through Qi training and stepped into the Foundation Establishment stage, even an Inner Strength Grandmaster was like an ant in his eyes, let alone Huo Shan, a mere Inner Strength Grandmaster!

“Seek death ……”

Huo Shan roared and swung his fist towards Chen Ping!

Huo Shan exerted his full strength, the strong wind whistled and the sound of breaking air suddenly rang out!

Chen Ping sneered, indifferently taking a step forward, before slapping his palm towards Huo Shan, that casual slap was like chasing away a mosquito!


A crisp sound rang out, Huo Shan’s fist had not yet reached Chen Ping, but he received a solid slap on the face, half of his face instantly swelled up, and a few teeth fell out!

At this moment, Huo Shan froze, and even that Gao Baisheng was stunned, with incredulity in his eyes!

“This slap is just to teach you a lesson, if you dare to disrespect, you will not be spared ……”

Chen Ping said coldly.

“Ah …… I will fight with you!”

Huo Shan erupted into a roar of rage, he had never been so humiliated before.

A fierce fist, fiercely smashed towards Chen Ping, this is want to kill Chen Ping!

Seeing this, Wu Xi tried to stop him, but it was already too late, Huo Shan’s fist had already reached Chen Ping!


Chen Ping’s face turned cold as he slapped out his hand!


There was a clear, crisp sound.

Huo Shan’s arm instantly became strangely bent and snapped directly, while his entire body was hardened by Chen Ping and slapped to the ground, kneeling directly in front of Chen Ping.