Phoenix Among Men Chapter 434

“I’ve said you don’t deserve it, but you don’t believe me ……”

Chen Ping said indifferently!

At this moment, everyone was shocked, and that Huo Laiyun was even shocked with his mouth open wide enough to stuff an egg into it!

At first, when Chen Ping said so, he only thought that Chen Ping was pretending, but at this moment, looking at Huo Shan who had his arm broken, he finally realized that Chen Ping’s dismissive words were not pretending, but that he had real strength!

“Kid, you dare to hurt my disciple, even if you can kill that Jiang Zhengzhong, what can you do, since my disciple is not worthy, then let me, the master, learn from you!”

Gao Baisheng looked at his disciple’s miserable appearance and was instantly enraged!

Chen Ping just swept Gao Baisheng a cold glance, “You are not worthy either!”

“What? You are too arrogant ……”

Killing intent rose up in Gao Baisheng’s eyes!

Seeing this, Wu Xi hurriedly stepped forward and helped Huo Shan up, before turning to Chen Ping with a face full of begging, “Please, Mr. Chen, for my sake, don’t get angry ……”

“If I didn’t see your face, he wouldn’t have simply broken an arm!”

Chen Ping said with a look of indifference in his eyes.

“Thank you Mr. Chen, thank you Mr. Chen ……”

Wu Xi thanked him repeatedly and helped Huo Shan back behind Gao Baisheng, then turned to Gao Baisheng and said, “Master, don’t be angry, Mr. Chen he ……”

“Get the hell out of my way!” Gao Baisheng didn’t listen to Wu Xi, he directly yelled him aside, and then coldly looked at Chen Ping: “You hurt one of my disciple’s hands, I will make you lose both of your hands!”

“If you have that ability, you can try!”

Chen Ping’s eyes looked indifferently at Gao Baisheng, who couldn’t help but shiver under Chen Ping’s gaze!

Such indifferent eyes, as if the person in front of him was like a mole, disdainful of the slightest emotion!

“Good, good, good …………”

Gao Baisheng was so angry that he uttered three good words in a row, and the aura on his body exploded violently.

A gale of wind suddenly lifted up inside the entire room, bedding and other things, all swept up by the gale!

But just as Gao Baisheng’s aura erupted, a soft breeze suddenly blew up, like a spring breeze, directly suppressing Gao Baisheng’s aura!

“If you want to do it, then do it, I still have the room to live in, don’t mess it up for me!”

Chen Ping looked at Gao Baisheng with a casual look, not putting Gao Baisheng in his eyes in the slightest!

A trace of shock flashed in Gao Baisheng’s eyes, but things have come to this, in front of his own disciple, he can only strike!

“Drink ……”

Gao Baisheng shouted explosively and swung a fist towards Chen Ping!

Chen Ping casually raised his hand and directly caught Gao Baisheng’s fist, and Gao Baisheng’s form came to a screeching halt!

“This, how is this possible?”

Gao Baisheng’s eyes were filled with horror as he looked at Chen Ping in disbelief!

This punch of his own had a force of at least several thousand pounds, but Chen Ping had caught it so easily, and Gao Baisheng felt as if his fist was about to crack with pain at this moment.

He tried to break free, but he couldn’t move at all, it was as if he was frozen in place!

Chen Ping gently sent Gao Baisheng’s body stomping back several steps, if not for Wu Xi and Huo Lai Yun rushing out to support him, Gao Baisheng would have sat on the ground!

“As I said, you are not worthy to fight with me. Today, for the sake of you being Wu Xi’s master, I will spare your life.

Chen Ping said indifferently with a cold face.

At this moment, Gao Baisheng’s face was ashen, he finally understood that Chen Ping’s indifferent look was not an act, but that in his eyes, he was really like a mole!

Gao Baisheng’s face changed and changed, and finally sighed helplessly and said, “It is because we have no eyes and have offended Mr. Chen ……”

Gao Baisheng’s address changed, and after bowing deeply to Chen Ping, he turned around and walked out!