Phoenix Among Men Chapter 44

After entering the hotel, Chen Ping sent a message to Lin Tianhu, asking him to get rid of Xiao Yan, he did not want to follow the Xiao family’s people to sit and eat together, besides he did not want the Xiao family to know too much about his identity, he wanted to see how long this Xiao Lei and Geng Shanshan could bounce around.

Inside the hotel!

The crowd gathered around Gu Wentian, each with a respectful face, others knew that Gu Wentian liked to collect antiques, so they searched everywhere and came over to give them to Gu Wentian!

Beside Gu Mantian, a middle-aged man with a sturdy figure and a cold face was always on guard, this man was Gu Mantian’s personal bodyguard Tang Long, once retired from the Battle Dragon Squadron, once when Gu Mantian was still in power, he was under close protection, now that Gu Mantian had retired, Tang Long had also retired along with him, always protecting Gu Mantian’s safety!

Whenever Gu Mantian attended public functions, he would always carry Tang Long around with him to protect himself!

“Gentlemen, I am inviting you all to a banquet today, firstly, I am not accepting gifts, and secondly, I am not talking about anything, I simply want to introduce a new friend to you, so there is no need for you to be too formal!”

Gu Wentian waved his hand and told the crowd to be quiet, then said loudly.

In fact, many people had heard about it long ago, but now that it was coming out of Gu Mantian’s mouth again, the crowd still couldn’t help but be shocked, wondering what kind of terrifying background this person Gu Mantian was introducing would have, or else Gu Mantian wouldn’t have made such a big deal about it!

“Why hasn’t Mr. Chen come yet?”

Gu Wentian looked at the time and asked Lin Tianhu who was beside him.

“Probably soon!” Lin Tianhu didn’t know how Chen Ping hadn’t arrived yet, he had said yesterday that he would be fine.

As soon as Lin Tianhu’s words left his mouth, his mobile phone rang, seeing that it was a message from Chen Ping, Lin Tianhu gave the message a glance to Gu Wentian.

Gu Wentian looked at the message and nodded slightly, “No wonder Mr. Chen hasn’t shown up yet, so that’s what happened, it was my poor consideration!”

After Gu Mantian finished speaking, he glanced at Xiao Yan who was not far away, at this moment, Xiao Yan was also waiting for this young man that Gu Mantian was talking about to appear, someone who could be so valued by Gu Mantian was definitely not an ordinary person, if he could climb up to such a person, the Xiao Clan might be able to surpa*s the Su Clan!

Xiao Yan was thinking about this when he only saw Gu Wentian look at himself and spoke, “Boss Xiao …………”

“Ancient ……,” Xiao Yan heard this and hurriedly stepped forward quickly, “What are Ancient’s orders?”

“This banquet today is not suitable for you to attend, go back ……”

Gu Wentian directly gave Xiao Yan an expulsion order in front of the crowd!

Xiao Yan froze when he heard this and looked at Gu Mantian in some disbelief, “Gu Gu, I …………”

However, Gu Man Tian did not wait for Xiao Yan to finish, he directly waved his hand, “Send the guest away!”

When Xiao Yan saw this, although he was surprised, he could not rely on this place, so he could only turn around and leave helplessly.

At this moment, the crowd speculated whether the Xiao family had offended Ancient?

By now Su Yuqi with Chen Ping had already sneaked in, and the two of them were secretly watching from a corner!

“Let’s hide first, we’ll go out later when the banquet starts, that way we won’t be easily spotted!”

Su Yuqi said as she peeked her head out and looked around.

“Why do we need to hide? Since we’ve come in, it’s much better to go out in a big way!”

Chen Ping said and walked straight out!

Su Yuqi was startled and hurriedly went up to pull Chen Ping, but she couldn’t!


Lin Tianhu said happily after seeing Chen Ping!

When Gu Mantian raised his eyes and saw Chen Ping coming, his face was immediately happy and he walked quickly towards Chen Ping!

At this moment, Su Wen Zong, who was inside the crowd, saw that Chen Ping had revealed himself and that Gu Man Tian was walking towards Chen Ping, and was immediately shocked out of a cold sweat.

He had asked Su Yuqi to bring in Chen Ping secretly, and now if Gu Wentian found out about it, how could it be?