Phoenix Among Men Chapter 45

Su Wenzong walked quickly to the front and winked desperately towards Chen Ping, telling him to leave quickly, then stopped Gu Wentian and said, “Ancient, this person is a waiter in our hotel, he should have taken a wrong path and run here!”

Su Yuqi had caught up with Chen Ping by this time and pulled him away, saying with her mouth, “How can you work and not look at the road and run here!”

“Wait a minute!” Gu Wentian shouted directly at Su Yuqi!

Su Yuqi stopped, and then let go of Chen Ping in her hand!

“Ancient, it was my poor arrangement that allowed the subordinate to barge in, I will give Ancient an explanation afterwards.”

Su Wenzong was sweating coldly, afraid that Gu Wentian would be angry!

Gu Wentian was stunned, “You said that Mr. Chen is your family’s subordinate?”

“Mm!” Su Wenzong nodded, but was quickly stunned: “Chen …… Mr. Chen?”

Su Wenzong did not understand, how did Gu Wentian know that Chen Ping’s surname was Chen? How come he even addressed Mr. Chen?

“Yes, I am inviting Mr. Chen to this banquet, you guys are just the company ……”

Gu Wentian nodded his head and said.

This time, Su Wenzong and also Su Yuqi were a bit confused, unable to figure out what was going on.

“Ancient, I hope I’m not too late, right?”

Chen Ping took two steps forward and said with a faint smile.

“Mr Chen has come at the right time, I wonder if this is …………”

Gu asked as he pointed to Su Yuqi behind Chen Ping.

“Ancient, this is my daughter, she and Mr. Chen are friends!”

Su Wenzong was worthy of being an old man who had been through the mall for a long time, he immediately reacted!

Upon hearing this, Gu Wentian laughed, “A hero with a beautiful woman, a perfect match in this world!”

As Gu Mantian said this, the others praised Chen Ping and Su Yuqi!

This caused Su Yuqi to blush and she didn’t even dare to look up!

“Mr. Chen, please take your seat, we’ve been waiting for you for a long time!”

Lin Tianhu stepped forward and followed Chen Ping in an inviting gesture.

A group of people swarmed around Chen Ping, although they didn’t know who he was, what they could know was that he would definitely be a reigning figure in Hong City in the future!

Who would dare to offend such a person?

Su Wenzong and Su Yuqi looked at each other and followed suit!

After Chen Ping took his seat, Gu Wentian sat next to Chen Ping, while the other side was empty and no one dared to do so.

“Miss Su, this seat is reserved for you, you two youngsters should sit together!”

Gu Wentian followed Su Yuqi with a smile on his face and waved!

Su Yuqi blushed red and shyly sat down next to Chen Ping, Su Yuqi’s next seat was Su Wenzong, originally this place should be for Lin Tianhu, only now if Chen Ping and Su Yuqi were boyfriend and girlfriend, then Su Wenzong was Chen Ping’s old man, Lin Tianhu wouldn’t dare to sit on top of Su Wenzong!

As everyone took their seats, Gu Wentian lifted a cup of wine and said towards Chen Ping, “Mr. Chen, this first cup of wine, I’ll be the first to toast you ……”

Gu Wentian understood very well that after this first cup of wine he toasted, what followed would not need to be his concern, none of these people sitting here were stupid and would know what to do!

“Ancient you’re welcome!”

Chen Ping lifted his gla*s and drank it down in one faint gulp!

Just as Chen Ping put down his gla*s, Gu Wentian suddenly froze, because he saw that Chen Ping’s brand new suit had spittle on it!

“Mr. Chen, your clothes this is …………”

Gu Wentian asked as he pointed at the spittle on Chen Ping’s clothes.

“This is two spits by unqualified people when I was outside!”

Chen Ping said indifferently.

“Who was so bold as to spit on Mr. Chen?”

Gu Wentian’s face was furious as his gaze swept towards the crowd present!

One had to know that those people outside were all the family members and the like that these people had brought with them to the table, so Gu Wentian was the only one to look at the crowd present.

At this moment, everyone’s hearts burst out, their hearts constantly blessing, hoping that it wasn’t their own family members who did this!