Phoenix Among Men Chapter 46

“Ancient, it was the girlfriend of that Xiao family’s grandson Xiao Lei who spat on him, that woman used to be Mr. Chen’s girlfriend, now that she has gotten close to the Xiao family, she feels superior, so she spat on Mr. Chen a few times!”

Su Yuqi opened her mouth and said.

“The Xiao family, how dare you, I will call that Xiao Yan to ask him now!”

Gu Wentian frowned and slapped the table fiercely!

He also knew why Chen Ping had sent a message to drive that Xiao Yan away, it turned out that there was still such a past relationship following the Xiao family.

The people present also instantly understood, this time they knew that the Xiao family was going to be unlucky, it seemed that the business dealings with the Xiao family had to be cut off in a hurry!

“Ancient rest in anger, such a small matter, I can handle it myself!”

Chen Ping smiled lightly, not taking it to heart at all.

At this moment, Xiao Lei and Geng Shanshan were like ants in his eyes!

Outside the hotel, the poisonous sunlight made Xiao Lei a little distracted!

“Brother Lei, take a drink of water!”

Geng Shanshan handed Xiao Lei a bottle of water!

Xiao Lei took a big sip, touched the sweat on his forehead, and muttered in a small voice, “It’s not like we can go in, what are we waiting for here? What a sick man!”

Although he complained, Xiao Lei didn’t dare to go, he was really afraid that his father would cut off his pocket money for six months.

Just when Xiao Lei was drinking water, he found his father walking out from inside the hotel.

Xiao Lei was overjoyed and hurriedly said, “My father has come out, surely we can get in!”

Xiao Lei took Geng Shanshan with him and hurriedly greeted him!

“Dad, why have you come out? Is it that we can go in?”

Xiao Lei asked excitedly.

“Get in, my a*s, I’ve been kicked out ……”

Xiao Yan said without a good mood.

Xiao Lei was stunned and then said, “Dad, what’s going on? Why did you have to be kicked out?”

“How should I know!” Xiao Yan glared angrily at Xiao Lei, “Stop embarra*sing yourself here and come back with me!”

Having come here with great enthusiasm, now they could only go back in disgrace, Xiao Lei and Geng Shanshan did not even enter the entrance.

The banquet had already started, and after about two hours or so, it was nearing its end, everyone’s faces were red with drink, and they were talking happily!

“Chen Ping, when did you meet Ancient? And Gu Gu is so polite to you, you’re the main attraction at this banquet, and you didn’t even tell me!”

Finally, Su Yuqi caught a chance to pull Chen Ping aside and asked in a disgruntled manner.

“At that time, you dragged me away in a hurry and didn’t say you were coming to the banquet, right? When I found out later, I wanted to give you a surprise!”

Chen Ping laughed!

“This is a big surprise for you, I was scared to death at that time, you are too bad, don’t hide something from me in the future!”

Su Yuqi threw a punch at Chen Ping’s chest with a very light force, just like a flirting kind of punch!

But Chen Ping grabbed Su Yuqi’s hand and the two of them looked at each other!

There were no words, no communication, only a meeting of eyes!

Chen Ping slowly moved closer to Su Yuqi, Su Yuqi wanted to hide but didn’t move, her heart was conflicted!

Seeing that Chen Ping was about to kiss her, Su Yuqi closed her eyes and waited for that moment to come!

“You’ve got something on your face!”

But just as Su Yuqi was nervously waiting for that moment, Chen Ping suddenly came out with these words.

Su Yuqi opened her eyes and saw that Chen Ping was looking at herself with a bad smile on his face.

“Big bad egg, ignore you ……”

Su Yuqi gave Chen Ping a fierce punch and ran away with a red face!

At this moment, Su Wenzong watched his daughter run away with a red face, and also smiled slightly as he walked towards Chen Ping!

“Mr. Chen, do you have any plans for your future? Do you want to start your own company?”

Su Wenzong asked as he turned to Chen Ping.

Chen Ping immediately shook his head, “No!”

Right now, Chen Ping wanted to cultivate and improve his strength as soon as possible, as for starting a company to do business, Chen Ping really didn’t like it and wasn’t good at it!