Phoenix Among Men Chapter 442

And the middle-aged man was also looking at Chen Ping in doubt, with a questioning look in his eyes.

“Slightly know a little bit about medicine ……”

Chen Ping nodded his head.

“That’s great, you can help my father, if you can cure my father, let me do anything, even if you let me ……” Yin Susu suddenly blushed and said with a bit of shyness, “Even if you let me sleep with you! ”

“Sorry, I have a girlfriend again!” Chen Ping was speechless for a while, did he look that much like the kind of person who played with women?

Yin Susu’s face turned even redder, lowering her head with a shameful expression, “I have nothing else but my own body now!”

“Don’t you still have the jade pendant?” Chen Ping looked at the jade pendant in Yin Susu’s hand and said!

When Yin Susu heard this, she immediately looked at Chen Ping nervously, holding the jade pendant in her hand with a firm grip: “What do you …… want to do?”

“I just want to see your jade pendant, no need to be so nervous, let me get your father’s condition under control first!”

Chen Ping said, one hand gently pressed on the top of Yin Susu’s father’s head, an aura instantly entered Yin Susu’s father’s body, then wrapped the injured internal organs and began to slowly repair them!

Yin Susu’s father only felt a warm current pa*s through his body, and immediately afterwards, his whole body instantly became a lot more relaxed and his face became rosy!

Yin Susu looked at her father’s change and surprise appeared in her eyes, “Dad, how are you feeling?”

“Cough ……” Yin Susu’s father coughed, “Breathing is much smoother, and the pain in my stomach is not so bad anymore!”

“Thank you, thank you so much ……”

Seeing this, Yin Susu happily followed Chen Ping and thanked him!

“Can you show me the jade pendant now?” Chen Ping asked as he turned to Yin Susu.

Yin Susu took the jade pendant and looked at her father with some hesitation!

Yin Susu’s father, on the other hand, nodded, “Susu, show it to your benefactor!”

Only then did Yin Susu give the jade pendant in her hand to Chen Ping, and after Chen Ping took the pendant, the familiar feeling became even more intense!

On the jade pendant were two dragons winding around, the two dragons were very vividly carved and vividly alive!

Chen Ping took the jade pendant and slowly injected a spiritual energy into it, but it soon bounced back with such force that it almost made Chen Ping lose the pendant!

“The jade pendant is really imprisoned!”

Chen Ping thought, and then bit his middle finger and squeezed out a drop of blood towards the jade pendant!

Seeing this, Yin Susu hurriedly tried to stop it, but her father stopped her, shaking his head towards Yin Susu, indicating that Yin Susu should not disturb Chen Ping!

When a drop of Chen Ping’s blood dripped onto the jade pendant, the pendant suddenly glowed red, followed by the sound of a dragon chant.

It was as if the two dragons on the jade pendant came to life and swam continuously, but soon as the drop of blood was quickly absorbed, the red light slowly faded and the jade pendant returned to its original form!

At this moment, Yin Susu and her father were both dumbfounded, all eyes wide open as they looked at Chen Ping in astonishment!

“It’s really true!” Chen Ping held the jade pendant with a bit of excitement on his face, before looking at Yin Susu’s father and saying, “Uncle, I wonder where your family got this ancestral jade pendant from?”

“I’m not really sure, it seems that I picked it up from some island, because this jade pendant was once like this, when it suddenly glowed red and saved my father’s life, so my father worshipped this jade pendant as a family heirloom!”

Yin Susu’s father said truthfully.

“Picked it up on the island?” Chen Ping frowned slightly, after a*sociating it with what Old Leader said about the nameless island, the locked dragon island and so on, it seemed that Chen Ping would only know something after he boarded the island!

“Since it’s your family’s heirloom, I can’t take it away from others, but this jade pendant on you is a curse after all ……”

Chen Ping said and handed the jade pendant back to Yin Susu!