Phoenix Among Men Chapter 443

“Ai!” Yin Susu’s father sighed, “For the sake of this jade pendant, our Yin family has been destroyed, and only we, father and daughter, are left to live on!”

As the saying goes, wealth is not revealed, and since the Yin family had exposed this jade pendant, it was only a matter of time before the family was destroyed!

“Dad, don’t worry, I will definitely take revenge for the tens of people in the Yin family!”

Yin Susu looked at her father like that, her eyes full of anger as she said.

Who knew that Yin Susu’s father would shake his head, “You’re all I have left now, I don’t want to lose you again.

Yin Susu’s father said, taking the jade pendant from Yin Susu’s hand and handing it to Chen Ping, “Benefactor, you saved my life, and this jade pendant can be of value in your hands, so I’ll give it to you, it’s worthless to us now!”

Chen Ping didn’t push back and took the jade pendant straight away, “Then thanks a lot, if you are in trouble, you can call me!”

Chen Ping left behind his phone number and some money, while Yin Susu and her father and daughter left the place in the night.

They had originally come here to find a cure for their illness at the Pill King’s Palace, and now that they were cured, there was no point in staying here, and with Bai Zhan Tang and that Qin Feng looking around for them, there was a lot of danger!

When Chen Ping returned to the hotel, it was dawn, not being able to rest, Chen Ping took the jade pendant and refined it into a protective spirit weapon, as long as Su Yuqi wore the jade on her body, even if she was a master of internal energy, she would not be able to harm her in the slightest!

“Chen Ping, get up and have breakfast!”

Chen Ping had just refined the jade pendant into a protective spirit weapon when Su Yuqi knocked on the door outside!

Chen Ping could only pretend that he had just woken up and opened the door with a yawn!

“It’s so early, I wanted to sleep more!” Chen Ping said as he rubbed his eyes.

“Why sleep, have breakfast, accompany us for a stroll, Ling’er said that the people here are all experts and particularly fierce, the two of us dare not go, we want you to accompany us!”

Su Yuqi said to Chen Ping.

“Shopping?” The moment he heard that he was going shopping with these two women, Chen Ping’s head got big!

“What, you’re not happy about it?” Su Yuqi’s eyes glared!

“Happy, happy ……” Chen Ping could only smile helplessly!

But just as Chen Ping was about to follow Su Yuqi downstairs for breakfast, suddenly Su Yuqi saw the bite marks on Chen Ping’s arm, the bite that Yin Susu had made was quite heavy and was now clearly visible!

“What’s this? You didn’t go to provoke someone’s little girl in the middle of the night and get bitten by her, did you?”

Su Yuqi questioned at Chen Ping.

“With a beautiful girl like you accompanying me, who else would I go to molest a little girl, I just bought you a jade pendant and was misunderstood by someone!”

Chen Ping said and took out the double dragon jade pendant.

When Su Yuqi saw the jade pendant, her eyes lit up and she held it in her hand, not asking Chen Ping about it, in fact, Su Yuqi believed in Chen Ping, she knew that Chen Ping would not do such a thing!

After breakfast, Chen Ping accompanied Su Yuqi and Gu Ling’er for a whole day of shopping, originally he thought the Pill King’s residence would continue to look for trouble, but the day was peaceful, which was a bit surprising to Chen Ping!

The next day was the start of the martial arts gathering, and the atmosphere in the whole Tianfeng Town instantly became different, as a tall ring had been erected outside Tianfeng Town.

Around the ring were people from the Pill King’s Mansion guarding the perimeter, while on top of the ring sat some old men who were old enough to act as judges!