Phoenix Among Men Chapter 445


There was a dull sound, the young man’s body retreated sharply, a deep scratch appeared under his feet, and the young man’s face turned a little pale!

His hands trembled slightly, and there was panic in his eyes, as the bald man’s punch had left the young man almost defenceless!

“Bald guy is really powerful, I …………”

“Cut the f*cking crap ……”

Baldy didn’t wait for the young man to finish his sentence, his fist swung out again, and the sound of breaking air rang out again!

The young man’s heart sank and he cried out, turning around and running towards the bottom of the ring, he was originally thinking of admitting defeat, but looking at the bald head, this was a fight to the death!

But just as the young man turned around, Bald Head’s fist had already arrived, smashing into the young man’s back and sending him flying!

A mouthful of blood spurted out in the air, and his body landed heavily under the ring, without the slightest gasp of breath, the young man was directly out of breath.

“Up on the stage is death, who else dares to come?”

The bald man didn’t even look at the man he had beaten to death, his eyes swept contemptuously across the stage and roared!

The people on the stage were furious, especially the relatives of the young man who had been killed, and they all rose up in righteous indignation, but the rules were such that some people over the age, even if they were highly powerful, could not go up to the stage to seek revenge on that bald man, but could only look at him with angry eyes!

The few old men in the ring were frowning, feeling that the bald man had struck too hard, but they couldn’t say anything, after all, fists and kicks have no eyes, and death is inevitable in a competition in the ring!

“Is there anyone else on the stage?” Sun Simiao then asked with an expressionless face.

Seeing this, Wu Xi leapt up and tried to go on stage, but was stopped by Chen Ping: “Don’t go yet, this bald man is above you, try to let him consume a bit before you do!”

Hearing this, Wu Xi could only retreat, and by now someone else had leapt onto the stage!

The competition continued, but without incident, they were all knocked out of the ring by the bald man, either dying horribly or being seriously injured, which shook all those young martial artists who were foolish enough to move.

The hundred-year-old top quality herbs were good, but you had to have a life to enjoy them. Looking at this bald man’s strength, he was afraid that he had already touched the realm of the internal jin master!

“Are you Patriarchs afraid, or do you want to be shrunken heads?”

Baldy looked in the direction where Chen Ping and the others were and said with a cold smile on his face!

“Baldy, don’t be complacent …………”

Wu Xi’s eyes were red and his anger was all over the place as he rushed to the stage with one healthy step!

“Hahahaha, still have some backbone, although I have fought many battles in a row, but it is no problem to let you a few moves!”

The bald man sneered and said with a look of disdain.

“Cut the f*cking crap, do it!” Wu Xi said, his body was like a spring as he bounced up from the ground with a whoosh, followed by a fist towards the bald man!

Wu Xi’s punch was very fast and at a tricky angle, his whole body was in mid-air, and with the momentum of his fall, a shadow of his fist enveloped the bald man!

The corners of the bald man’s mouth lifted, his eyes glanced at Wu Xi with contempt: “Fancy ……”

Then, the bald man’s fist shot up into the sky, only to see a stirring of the air, Wu Xi’s fist shadow disappeared, and the two fists collided heavily!


There was a muffled explosion as Wusi’s body quickly landed on top of the ring, stomping back three steps in a row, his entire arm slightly tingling as he looked at the bald man in some disbelief!

“Kid, you’re not even close, you want to win the championship with this ability?”

The bald man sneered, followed by his fists like a storm towards Wu Xi.

Wu Xi was instantly in a position to take a beating, he only felt that the bald man’s fist was so powerful that his arms were shaken to the point of numbness and he retreated backwards one after another!