Phoenix Among Men Chapter 446

When Gao Baisheng on the stage saw this, his face turned ugly, his fists clenched and he looked a little nervous.

“Mr. Chen …………”

Gao Baisheng shouted softly at Chen Ping from the back!

He was trying to get Chen Ping to step in at a critical moment to save Wu Xi down, after all, Chen Ping was the right age, while he himself was not qualified to be on stage.

Chen Ping did not say anything, but only nodded slightly. Even if Gao Baisheng did not say anything, Chen Ping would not see something happen to Wu Xi!

Gao Baisheng was relieved to see Chen Ping’s agreement, for with Chen Ping’s strength, even the two bald men were no match!

At this moment, Wu Xi had already retreated to the edge of the ring, his arms were already numb and without intuition, and he could only instinctively fight off the bald man’s attacks!

“Kid, get the hell down …………”

The corners of Bald Head’s mouth lifted before he swung a punch towards Wusi’s chest!

If this punch was hit, then Wusi would definitely fall from the ring and suffer serious injuries without dying.

When the crowd saw this scene, they all looked grave. This Wu Xi was one of the best martial artists of the younger generation and had a good chance of winning the title, but at this moment, under the attack of this bald man, he had no power to fight back!

The bald man’s fist was about to hit Wu Xi’s chest and he could not avoid it.

The bald man’s fierce punch was easily grabbed by someone!

The bald man was shocked, and when he looked at him, he realised that the one who had grabbed him was the young man sitting in front of the Baji!

“What? Are you Bajiken going to fight two against one?”

The bald man roared in anger!

Chen Ping let go of the bald man and said with a cold smile, “Wu Xi has lost, he admits defeat, I’ll fight you in this one!”

“Thank you Mr. Chen for saving my life ……”

Wu Xi’s forehead was covered in cold sweat at this point, having walked from the brink of death, it gave him heart palpitations!

“You go down!” Chen Ping said indifferently!

Wu Xi nodded and leapt down from the top of the ring!

Bald head, on the other hand, had his eyes slightly narrowed as he watched Chen Ping warily, anyone who could easily grab his wrist without any effort, his strength must not be underestimated!

“I have fought many battles in a row, my body is already tired, according to the rules, I can apply for a rest and let someone else fight you first!”

Bald head was unsure of Chen Ping’s strength, so he intended to let Chen Ping fight someone else first so he could observe from the sidelines!

“You’re not tedious, you’re afraid, aren’t you?” The corners of Chen Ping’s mouth lifted, “I can use just one hand!”

Chen Ping put one hand behind his back and only stretched out his other hand and beckoned towards that bald man!

At this moment, the bald man was furious, in front of so many people, he used one hand to fight him, if the bald man retreated, then he would become the laughing stock of the crowd!

Even the few old men on stage were interested in Chen Ping, only that Sun Simiao looked at Chen Ping with a gloomy face!

On the other side of the stage, Qin Feng was also among the crowd, and when he saw Chen Ping on the stage, his eyes narrowed slightly, with a bit of playfulness on his face!

“Kid, you are so wild, no matter which family’s son you are, death or injury in the ring is not a matter of concern, if I miss and kill you, you cannot seek revenge on me!”

The bald head looked at Chen Ping coldly and said.

Bald head didn’t know Chen Ping’s identity, he was afraid that Chen Ping had some kind of background, if he really killed Chen Ping by mistake, then he was afraid that he would be in big trouble!

“Don’t worry, if you have the ability to kill me, no one will be looking for you to seek revenge!”

Chen Ping said indifferently.