Phoenix Among Men Chapter 447

“That’s good!” After Bald Head finished speaking, his entire body exploded with a fierce shout, followed by his entire body’s skin beginning to turn blue and black, and the veins on his forehead bulging out one by one!

With a roar of rage, Bald Head attacked towards Chen Ping, and that punch was so powerful that it seemed like a tarzan pressing down on Chen Ping!

If that bald head had attacked with this punch from the start, Wu Xi would not have been able to hold on for so long!

Looking at the bald man’s punch, Chen Ping had a contemptuous smile on his face as he waited for the bald man to get close before he threw a light punch, which in the eyes of the crowd was so soft that it was no match for the bald man’s punch!

But when the two fists met, the huge impact spread out in all directions, several old men on the stage hurriedly used their internal energy to resist, while many tables and chairs under the stage were overturned to the ground!

Click …………

There was a crisp sound!

The crowd looked and found that the bald man’s arms had bizarrely bent down, while his entire body was sunken feet deep into the ring, his face turning pale and his eyes looking at Chen Ping in horror!

“I …… I recognize …………”

The bald man realized that Chen Ping’s strength was no longer beyond his imagination, and hurriedly admitted defeat!

But before he could finish his words, Chen Ping slapped him!


With a crunching sound, half of Bald Head’s face instantly became red and swollen, all the teeth in his mouth fell out, and the intense pain caused Bald Head to only open his mouth and make babbling sounds.

“I know you want to admit defeat, but I won’t give you the chance to say it ……”

Chen Ping finished and swung a fist towards Bald Head!

Bald head hissed loudly and desperately tried to block it with his other hand, he tried to escape but his feet had sunk into the ring and he couldn’t move!

Poof ……

Chen Ping punched the bald man in the chest, his fist went straight through the bald man’s body and out the other side, blood was falling low from Chen Ping’s fist!

The bald head’s eyes were wide open and his head was lowered with resignation, obviously dead!

At this moment, the whole room was dead silent, all eyes fell on Chen Ping, while Chen Ping swept the stage: “Is there anyone else on stage?”

All the people under the stage did not dare to speak, even with the strength of Bald Head, he was easily killed by Chen Ping with one hand, the others who went up there would just be sending them to their death!

“A bunch of trash …………”

With a cold snort, only a figure was seen floating up to the ring.

“Jiang Zhengde?”

At this moment, many people on the stage could see the identity of the person coming, after all, it was a big news when Jiang Zhengde was expelled from the Jiang family back then!

When Sun Simiao saw Jiang Zhengde on stage, his eyes faintly stared, but he didn’t say anything, but the old man next to him spoke up.

“Jiang Zhengde, this is a martial arts gathering, the ring has its rules, you can’t go on stage if you’re over thirty-five years old, you’ve long since exceeded your age, get down!”

But who knew that Jiang Zhengde sneered, “Old thing, can’t you see that the surnamed Sun didn’t even fart, have you the right to speak?”

With that, Jiang Zhengzhong waved his hand and a majestic aura attacked the old man, his face sank and he hurriedly used his internal energy to resist, but he was still knocked out directly and the table and chairs in front of him became smashed!

When the crowd saw this scene, they were all astonished. To be able to sit on the stage and be the judge, he was naturally very strong, but he was knocked out by Jiang Zhengde with a single swing at any time.

Sun Simiao’s face was very ugly, after all, this martial arts gathering was organised by his Pill King’s House, Jiang Zhengde had come to disrupt the event and beaten his House’s face, especially because of Jiang Zhengde’s words, which made Sun Simiao feel that he had lost face!

He didn’t say anything because he wanted Jiang Zhengde to teach Chen Ping a lesson, but Jiang Zhengde didn’t even take him seriously, so how could Sun Simiao bear this anger in public, not to mention that Bai Zhan Tang was still watching from the stage!