Phoenix Among Men Chapter 453

Chen Ping took Su Yuqi and the girls back to the provincial capital. Chen Ping, who had entered the Foundation Establishment stage, was becoming more and more demanding of spiritual energy, but his strength was increasing rapidly, which also made him excited!

Today, he had killed several sect masters in one go. If he had been at the Qi Refining stage, he would not have been able to do that.

If he had fought with Jiang Zhengzhong, Chen Ping could have killed him at will, without giving him the slightest chance to fight back!

“Mr. Chen, should we send someone to secretly monitor the actions of the Pill King’s House, I suspect they won’t hand over the herbs easily!”

Red Phoenix had been the first to rush over after Chen Ping returned!

Lin Tianhu had followed Red Phoenix and told him what had happened in Tianfeng Town, and Red Phoenix was shocked at the time, after all, Chen Ping’s strength was simply unfathomable, growing at a rate visible to the naked eye!

“No, I’d rather they didn’t hand over the herbs, then what I want isn’t as simple as herbs, what I want is the entire Pill King Mansion!”

Chen Ping smiled coldly with an endless greed in his eyes!

If he wanted his strength to improve, Chen Ping had to rely on a large amount of spiritual medicines to do so, as long as this batch of medicinal herbs from the Pill King’s Mansion, although it would help Chen Ping, it was ultimately limited, Chen Ping wanted the entire Pill King’s Mansion, and in the future, let the Pill King’s Mansion only deliver spiritual medicines to himself!

But those hundred year old spiritual herbs were after all limited, they couldn’t be endless, there was always a day when they would run out, the higher Chen Ping’s strength, the greater his need for spiritual energy, so apart from these herbs, Chen Ping had to find other alternatives!

“It seems like it’s time to make a trip to Mount Heng and see if there are spirit stones there or not.”

Chen Ping thought darkly.

If there were spirit stones at Mount Heng, Chen Ping could just stay at Mount Heng and cultivate!

Chen Ping contacted Wu Dong and told him to go to Mount Heng first thing in the morning to have a look, Su Yuqi now had the jade pendant to protect her body, Chen Ping was still relatively relieved, two Zong Shi experts, neither of them could get close to her, so it seemed that the jade pendant was indeed a treasure!

As night fell, everyone went to sleep, and Tianfeng Town became cold as everyone left due to the temporary change in the martial arts gathering!

In the streets of Tianfeng Town, four old men in black robes and white beards walked quietly, the four men walked slowly, but each step was a long distance away, hundreds of metres of street, the four men reached the end in a flash, these four old men were the four elders of Xuan Yue Valley!

These four elders went straight to the ring, then divided up their work, each doing their own job, like detectives probing a case, constantly examining the footprints on the ground, as well as the large human-shaped crater on the ring that had been smashed by Jiang Zhengde!

One of the elders took out a cloth pocket, then stuck his hand inside and pulled out a handful of silver powder-like stuff and sprinkled it into the air!

In an instant, a silver light flashed and a human figure appeared in the air, the figure was still moving, like a 3D movie in fast forward, each figure was very realistic!

Upon closer inspection, it turned out to be an image of Chen Ping fighting several clan masters, but the image was very short, only a few seconds before it disappeared and the scene was plunged back into darkness!

“Brother, can you tell what strength this kid is?”

The elder who had sprinkled the silver powder asked.

The eldest elder shook his head once, “I can’t see through it, to kill these Internal Energy Grandmasters so easily, this kid must have reached the peak of Internal Energy Grandmaster, or Internal Energy Grand Grandmaster strength, yet I can’t sense a trace of Grand Grandmaster aura from here!”

“Big brother, judging by the big pit in this ring, that kid must have reached the strength of a Grand Master, otherwise Jiang Zhengde wouldn’t have died tragically!”

The elder in the ring who was probing also spoke up.