Phoenix Among Men Chapter 454

“Second Brother, Big Brother has the best nose, if there really is a Grand Master moving here, Big Brother will definitely be able to sense the scent!”

The elder who had sprinkled the gold powder retorted.

At this, everyone was in deep thought, things seemed to be in a dead end!

“Could it be that this kid is not a martial artist, but a warlock like us?”

The elder who had sprinkled the gold dust suddenly said with a flash of light!

“Impossible, even a highly skilled warlock could not have the ability to fight in such close quarters, knowing that we use all our arts and magic and rely on the strength of our physical bodies alone, which one of you can match a punch with an inner strength master?”

The Eldest Elder immediately retorted!

Once again the crowd fell into dead silence, everyone frowned, this matter made them feel helpless!

“Forget it, let’s go back and report to the Valley Master, this Chen Ping is too strong, we still need to think long and hard about it!”

The Grand Elder said with a wave of his hand after a moment of contemplation!

The other three nodded, and then instantly disappeared into the darkness, no one could think that anyone had ever come here!

Early the next morning!

Wu Dong came early and waited for Chen Ping, who followed Su Yuqi and explained a few games, ready to follow Wu Dong and set off!

This time it was just a simple scouting trip to Mount Heng, so he wouldn’t be going for many days, and he didn’t bring much with him!

But just as Chen Ping was about to leave, the phone suddenly rang!

Chen Ping saw that it was his mother calling, so he hurriedly picked up the phone!

“Mom …………”

Chen Ping shouted gleefully after he picked up the phone.

He hadn’t called his parents in the past few days, Chen Ping was kicking himself just thinking about it!

“Hey!” When Tang Hongying heard Chen Ping shouting for himself, she also answered happily, then said, “Chen Ping, have you been busy lately? Your second aunt’s cousin is getting married in a few days, do you have time to go back to your hometown?”

“Ying Xia’s wedding?” Chen Ping was shocked, “Mom, how old is Yingxia and she’s getting married?”

“Nineteen, she’s not in school anymore, she’s not too young!” Tang Hongying said.

Chen Ping was speechless for a while, this was the way it was in the countryside, as long as the children were not in school, they would arrange to get married, especially the girls, according to reason, at Chen Yingxia’s age, she could be in her youthful years, going to university, and now she was getting married and having children!

“Mom, I …………”

Chen Ping did not know how to follow Tang Hongying, he was preparing to go to Hengshan, there was no time at all!

Tang Hongying on the other end of the phone might have heard something, sighed slightly, and then said, “It’s okay, if you don’t have time, I’ll tell your second aunt and the girls, you’re busy, busy ………… ”

Tang Hongying’s voice got smaller and smaller, and finally there was no sound, but the phone didn’t hang up!

Chen Ping at this moment can feel Tang Hongying’s heart, since he was in jail, his father’s job is also gone, the family’s conditions have fallen, which also let the people of the old family have pointed fingers!

Tang Hongying is very strong-tempered and used to be well-connected and well liked in her old family, but the family has fallen on hard times and they have all avoided her, even those relatives.

Tang Hongying called Chen Ping this time and asked him to go back to his hometown, so there must be an element of bragging.

Although Tang Hongying didn’t know exactly what Chen Ping did now, but ever since the hotel, where Chen Baoqiang’s family was humiliated and even expelled from public office, Tang Hongying knew that Chen Ping was capable!

“Mom, I’m fine, I’ll rush back home today, don’t worry ……”

Chen Ping hurriedly said into the phone.

Hearing these words from Chen Ping, Tang Hongying got excited, “Good, when you arrive home, I’ll make you sauerkraut dumplings, you’ve loved them since you were a kid! By the way, don’t forget to ask Yu Qi to come too, we should meet other relatives!”

Chen Ping smiled, he knew that Tang Hongying wanted him to take Su Yuqi with him so that he could show off in front of his relatives, so he nodded and said, “No problem, I’ll go and talk to her now!”

“Well, I’ll wait for you!”

Tang Hongying said and hung up the phone!