Phoenix Among Men Chapter 455

“I have something to do, I won’t be going to Hengshan for now, but you have to acquire more raw stones from Hengshan!”

Hanging up the phone, Chen Ping said to Wu Dong.

Wu Dong nodded, “Okay, I’ll go to Heng Shan myself and press for some raw stones to be mined!”

After Wu Dong left, Chen Ping followed Su Yuqi and told her what had happened, Su Yuqi was reasonable, although she knew the conditions in the countryside were tough, Su Yuqi agreed with a full mouth!

The two of them drove straight back to Chen Ping’s hometown.

Chen Ping’s hometown was in the countryside of Hongcheng, originally a small village, but it had developed rapidly and now had changed a lot.

When Chen Ping went back, he saw a big word demolition written on every house, this place should be demolished, at that time Chen Ping’s second uncle Chen Baoqiang wanted the ancestral house because it was going to be demolished and developed!

Just entering the village, some children were running recklessly through the streets, Chen Ping didn’t recognize any of them, he hadn’t been back for years!

“Second grandpa, third aunt, you’re resting!”

Shortly after entering the village, by the side of a neat road, there were some old men and women sitting there, and Chen Ping hurriedly rolled down his window and said.

Chen Ping knew these people, after all, he had grown up here since he was a child, until after he graduated from junior high school, when he followed his father, Chen Baoguo, into the city because of his job transfer!

Seeing Chen Ping speak, several old men and women looked over, and soon one middle-aged woman recognized Chen Ping and spoke, “Isn’t this Chen Ping? Aren’t you in jail? When did you get out? You just got out and you’re driving a big Mercedes?”

The middle-aged woman took a look at the car Chen Ping was driving and said.

Chen Ping smiled awkwardly, “Third Aunt, I just got out!”

“Oh, you’re back for your cousin’s wedding, right? I can tell you, Yingxia is now a big cow, her husband is a big boss, especially rich, you just come back to talk about it, maybe you can find a good job for you, go now ……”

The middle-aged woman waved her hand and said.

Chen Ping nodded, rolled up the car window and continued to drive forward, then looked at Su Yuqi with an embarra*sed face, “Rural women are like that, mouthy, but not bad at heart, when I was a child, my third aunt often secretly cooked eggs for me to eat!”

Su Yuqi just laughed and didn’t say anything, she might be a bit unable to understand this way of speaking of rural people.

Soon, Chen Ping parked the car in front of a small courtyard, the courtyard was not big, but it was clean, and all five brick houses were newly painted, this was Chen Ping’s old home, it seemed that his parents had cleaned up the house after they came back!

“Dad, Mom …………”

As soon as he got out of the car, Chen Ping shouted out loud.

Looking at the brick house in front of him, and after shouting out to his parents, Chen Ping’s thoughts instantly went back to his childhood!

He always remembered that the first thing he did when he came home from school was to shout out to his parents, then he threw his school bag into the yard, turned around and ran off to play!

“Chen Ping, you’re back?”

Tang Hongying ran out happily from inside her room.

“Auntie!” Su Yuqi shouted with a faint smile after seeing Tang Hongying.

“Aiya, Yuqi is here, hurry up and sit inside!”

Tang Hongying was so happy to see that Su Yuqi had really come that she almost didn’t jump up.

She originally thought that for a big lady like Su Yuqi, people didn’t like to come to such a dirty and messy environment in the countryside, at that time when she finished the phone call, Tang Hongying was still inwardly apprehensive, not knowing whether Su Yuqi would come or not, but now that she saw that Su Yuqi had come, Tang Hongying was overjoyed!

“Where’s my dad?” Chen Ping asked to Tang Hongying.

“Went to your second aunt’s house to see if there was anything he could do to help!”

Tang Hongying said.

That was how it was in the countryside, when there was a happy event, everyone helped out together, and since Chen Ping’s second aunt was also from Chen’s village, a village, all the more reason to go and help!