Phoenix Among Men Chapter 460

After getting out of the car, Chen Dogzi pointed at the hotel and said, “This is the biggest hotel in Anhe Town, and it has my shares!”

Chen Dogzi’s face was full of pride as he spoke.

Su Yuqi took a look at the hotel, covered her mouth and snickered, then said in Chen Ping’s ear, “It’s not as big as the ground floor of my hotel, just this is worth showing off!”

Chen Ping laughed without saying anything, he wanted to see how arrogant this Chen Dogzi could still be!

When a few people walked into the hotel lobby, a cashier ran over immediately after seeing Chen Dogzi and said with a flattering face, “Brother Dog is coming over!”

“Little Li, get private room number one ready for me, let’s go over for dinner!”

Chen Dogzi said in a high-minded manner.

The cashier suddenly looked embarra*sed, “Brother Dog, there’s someone eating in private room number one, if you let us know in advance, we won’t be able to go out!”


That Chen Dogzi directly gave the cashier a slap and his eyes glared: “Do I need to give advance notice for dinner? Get rid of the people in Room 1, do I need to teach you this? Do you not want to work anymore?”

The cashier was slapped and burst into tears, one hand covering half of her face, her eyes filled with panic!

“Chen Gou, let’s just find a random room ……”

Seeing that cashier’s appearance, Chen Yingxia was a bit intolerant, so she said to Chen Gouzi.

“That’s not okay, I’m taking my future parents-in-law for dinner, I have to have private room number one!” Chen Dogzi was trying to show off in front of Chen Ping and the others!

“Brother Dog, the guests in the No.1 …… private room can’t be driven away!”

The cashier said in a small, winged voice.

“D*mn it? What people can’t be driven away? Is it that you don’t want me to personally step in and drive them away?”

Chen Dogzi glared at the cashier and reached out to hit him again, but he was stopped by Chen Yingxia!

That cashier was so frightened that he backed up and said with a trembling body, “Brother Dog, the one drinking in private room number one is Manager Cui ……”

The cashier’s words caused that Dog Chen’s body to shake slightly, and the expression on his face clearly changed!

“Manager Cui is coming over for dinner? You didn’t even give me a f*cking heads up, the money for private room number one can’t be counted, it’s all on my tab, go and vacate private room number two for me!”

It was obvious that Chen Dogzi was very scornful of this manager Cui!

The cashier nodded and arranged for the waiter to go and get rid of guest number two!

Soon, a few people, each with a large waist, could be heard cursing and swearing coming down from upstairs.

“D*mn, what a sh*tty restaurant, we haven’t even finished eating yet and you’re kicking people out, do you not want to work anymore?”

“Yes, I’ll smash up the restaurant for you!”

“I want to see who’s so f*cking big-headed today!”

The waiter could only keep smiling as they walked away.

But when they reached the lobby, after they saw Chen Dogzi, they were all stunned, then their faces changed and they said to Chen Dogzi, “Brother Dog!”

“Paralyzed, that’s how big of a pie I am, I told you guys to get lost, okay?”

Chen Douzi cursed and kicked each of them, and they didn’t dare to speak with their heads down!

When he saw that they had become honest, Chen Duzi waved his hand, “Get lost!”

A few of them ran away in a hurry as if they had been pardoned!

The waiter led Chen Guzi and Chen Ping upstairs.

After sitting down, Chen Guzi put the menu on the table, “Today is my treat, you guys can order whatever you want!”

“Brother Chen Ping, sister-in-law, it’s your first time here, see what you like to eat, order whatever you like!”

Chen Yingxia put the menu in front of Chen Ping and Su Yuqi.

“Yes, Chen Ping you guys order more, no need to save me money, you suffered for three years in prison, come out and make up for it ……”

Chen Dogzi said as he shook the large gold watch he was holding.