Phoenix Among Men Chapter 461

Chen Ping smiled lightly, “Whatever, what I want, it’s not here!”

“What do you mean? I’m telling you, this is the biggest restaurant in Anhe Town, there’s nothing here, even if you want to drink Maotai and Wuliangye, there’s everything here!”

Chen Dogzi turned his face cold: “Tell me, what do you want?”

“I don’t like to drink white wine, I usually only drink Romanee Conti ……,” Chen Ping said.

“What emperor? What the hell is that?”

Chen Dogzi was flabbergasted!

Su Yuqi couldn’t help but laugh when she saw the look on Chen Guzi’s face, and Chen Ping just laughed without saying anything!

Chen Dogzi frowned and looked at the waiter, “What’s that thing he’s talking about? Does our hotel have it?”

The waiter shook his head, “That’s red wine, we don’t have it here!”

“So it’s red wine, what’s so good about that stuff, it smells like swill!” Chen Dogzi looked disgusted, but then said to the waiter, “We don’t have it in the hotel, then go out and buy it, buy a few more bottles over ……”

The first thing you need to do is to get a few bottles of water.

The waiter looked at the money and didn’t dare to take it, nor was he moved!

“D*mn it, I told you to buy the wine, didn’t you hear me?”

Seeing that the waiter didn’t move, Chen Dogzi was furious!

“Brother Dog, this …… this money is not enough!”

The waiter said in a small voice.

“A bottle of red wine, how much more money can there be? Give you a few thousand more!”

Chen Dogzi took out some more money and slapped it on the table!

But the waiter still didn’t take it and didn’t move, which angered Chen Dogzi and kicked that waiter fiercely.

“Brother Dog, there’s really not enough money!” The waiter wanted to cry and said with an aggrieved face.

“I think you kid is looking at me not to understand, want to eat money from it?”

Chen Dogzi gave a stand up at once.

“You don’t have to force him, Anhe Town doesn’t have this wine, and this money is really not enough, a bottle of Romanee Conti costs 300,000!”

Chen Ping said to that Chen Dogzi.

“How much? Three hundred thousand?” Chen Dogzi looked at Chen Ping in shock, and then his face turned angry: “Chen Ping, what are you pretending with me here? You drink 300,000 bottles of wine? Are you bragging? Who doesn’t know that you just got out of jail and think you can pretend to be a big spender by renting a Mercedes and finding an escort from somewhere? If you weren’t Ying Xia’s cousin, I would have told you to get out of An He Town in a minute.”

Hearing the words “escort”, Su Yuqi’s face instantly turned cold.

“Little Chen, calm down!” Chen Ping’s second aunt hurriedly stood up, then looked at Chen Ping and said, “Chen Ping, you just got out of jail, you are not doing well, no one is laughing at you, just find a good job in the future, we are all relatives, you don’t have to pretend, you are still drinking 300,000 bottles of wine, why don’t you say you are drinking a million? There is no such thing as expensive wine in this world!”

“Chen Ping, shut your mouth, don’t talk nonsense!”

Seeing that Chen Ping’s second aunt was getting a little angry, Tang Hongying hurriedly said towards Chen Ping.

“I think we should not let him go back to his home. Now that we have such a good development here, we are still waiting for the demolition. ”

Chen Ping’s second aunt said to Tang Hongying.

“Let’s talk about this later, let’s order food first!”

Tang Hongying did not want to talk about this topic, so she picked up the menu and said.

Soon, a table of dishes was ordered and a few bottles of white wine were asked for. Chen Dogzi kept pretending, just waiting for others to toast him and drink.

“Little Chen, who is that manager Cui in private room number one that you just mentioned?”

Chen Ping’s second aunt asked to that Chen Dogzi.