Phoenix Among Men Chapter 462

“Oh, that manager Cui is a big shot, he has the final say on the development of this part of Anhe Town, whoever’s house is valued at how much, it all ends up in his hands, once he signs off, it’s a done deal, I’m now contracting some projects under his hands.”

Chen Dogzi explained.

“Aigoo, that’s a big deal, can you see if you can talk to that manager Cui and find a job for Chen Ping? After all, they’ll all be relatives in the future.”

Chen Ping’s second aunt was still worried about Chen Ping’s job!

Chen Dogzi took a look at Chen Ping and snorted coldly, “If I look at his attitude just now, I wouldn’t bother with him, but for Yingxia’s sake, I’ll talk to Manager Cui!”

Chen Dogzi said, picking up a gla*s of wine and standing up, then continued, “I’ll go next door and toast Manager Cui, drink yourselves!”

With Chen Dogzi gone, only Chen Ping’s family and his second aunt’s family were left inside the entire box!

“If you don’t get ahead, who will your parents count on in the future? What’s the point of renting a luxury car or a girlfriend when you come home? Is face that important to you? Everyone in the village knows that you have just got out of jail, if you do this, people will look down on you even more!”

Chen Ping’s second aunt said bitterly to Chen Ping.

“Second Aunt, I …………”

“Mom? What are you talking nonsense about? Sister Yu Qi is really brother Chen Ping’s girlfriend, what is rented, you listen to that Chen Dogzi yelling nonsense!”

Chen Yingxia hurriedly said to her mother.

Chen Yingxia knew that Su Yuqi was definitely not rented by Chen Ping, because no rented girlfriend would wear a big brand, and the Cartier earrings given to her were worth a lot of money, only that Chen Dogzi didn’t know what she was doing and was yelling nonsense!

“Second sister, Yu Qi is really Chen Ping’s girlfriend, we all know that!”

Tang Hongying also hurriedly followed Chen Ping’s second aunt and explained.

Upon hearing this, Chen Ping’s second aunt looked embarra*sed and could only smile apologetically towards Su Yuqi, who also smiled faintly and didn’t take it to heart because she knew that Chen Ping’s second aunt was also doing it for Chen Ping’s own good!

“Chen Ping, you’ve found such a good girlfriend, so you should work hard, I’ve heard your mother say for a long time that you’ve never had a job, if that Chen Gou can find you a good job later, you should do well, although this place is not as good as Hongcheng city, but it still has a future!”

Chen Ping’s second aunt continued to talk to Chen Ping!

“Second Aunt, I understand everything you said, let’s not talk about me first, let’s talk about Yingxia’s matter!”

Chen Ping intended to tell the elders about Chen Yingxia’s repentance of her marriage!

“What’s the matter with Yingxia?” Chen Ping’s second aunt said with a puzzled look on her face!

“Brother Chen Ping, don’t talk nonsense!” Chen Yingxia’s face turned pale with fear all of a sudden.

Chen Ping didn’t pay attention to Chen Yingxia, but continued to say to his second aunt, “Second aunt, Yingxia is only nineteen now, it’s too early to get married!”

“Hey, what do you think this child is doing if he doesn’t even go to school anymore and doesn’t get married? It’s all like this in the countryside, you can’t compare it to the city!”

Chen Ping’s second aunt said with a sigh.

“It’s not because Yingxia doesn’t go to school, it’s because that Chen Guzi is making trouble in the school, so that the school doesn’t dare to take Yingxia, and he even used you guys as threats, forcing Yingxia to agree to marry him, what kind of person is that Chen Guzi, don’t you guys know?”

Chen Ping said loudly.

Hearing Chen Ping say this, everyone was shocked, including Chen Ping’s parents who all looked towards Chen Yingxia!

“Yingxia, is everything Chen Ping said true?”

Chen Ping’s second aunt looked at Chen Yingxia and asked.

“Mom, don’t worry about it, things have come to this point, it doesn’t matter if it’s true or not!”

Chen Yingxia said with a helpless face.