Phoenix Among Men Chapter 463

“Ai …………”

Seeing Chen Yingxia’s appearance, all of them guessed that things must be true and sighed!

Things are already like this, the wedding has been set, what else can be done?

What else could they do? Repent the wedding?

They didn’t dare, they knew too well what that Chen Dogzi was like!

“Second Aunt, I’m going to ask Ying Xia to repent the marriage and then send her to Hong Cheng to study!”

Chen Ping spoke out his intentions!

“Are you kidding, following Chen Dogzi to repent of his marriage, isn’t that seeking death?”

Chen Ping’s second aunt said with a shock.

“Chen Ping, don’t be reckless, what kind of person that Chen Dogzi is now, you don’t even know, if you do this, you are harming your second aunt’s family!”

Tang Hongying also hurriedly said to Chen Ping.

Chen Baoguo, who had never opened his mouth, also spoke up at this time, “Chen Ping, that Chen Guzi is not as simple as you think, as the saying goes, a strong dragon cannot suppress a snake on the ground, don’t think that just because you know a few people in Hongcheng, you can take care of Chen Guzi.”

Chen Baoguo knew that Chen Ping had some connections, and with Su Yuqi’s family’s wealth, they must also be powerful, but this was Anhe Town, not Hongcheng, so Chen Dogzi was not someone to be messed with.

“I’ve already made up my mind on this matter, you all don’t need to care!”

Chen Ping had already made up his mind, if he couldn’t even get rid of a small punk, then it would be really ridiculous!

“Brother Chen Ping, I know you’re doing this for my own good, but I don’t want to see you risk your life, you should just leave it alone!”

Chen Yingxia didn’t want Chen Ping to care, if he really P*ssed off that Chen Dogzi, he could do anything!

“Yingxia, you’re only nineteen now, are you really just going to resign yourself to fate? This is a lifelong matter, do you want to ruin yourself in the hands of that Chen Dogzi? You should go to school now and find a boyfriend you like and like yourself in the future, instead of settling for less, you still have a long life ahead of you, don’t resign yourself to fate, I can definitely help you, don’t worry!”

Chen Ping said loudly to Chen Yingxia!

Chen Yingxia fell silent, everyone stopped talking, indeed, Chen Yingxia is only nineteen now, she still has a long road ahead, she can’t be ruined in the hands of Chen Dogzi!

“Ai ……”

Chen Ping’s second aunt’s husband sighed and slugged down a gla*s of white wine in one gulp!

There is no parent who does not love their children, but sometimes they cannot help but accept the reality that in this world, there is no justice, the weak are strong, this is the law of survival!

At this moment, Chen Yingxia’s mobile phone rang, Chen Yingxia picked up and hung up soon after, but her face was a bit unpleasant!

“Yingxia, what’s wrong?”

Chen Ping’s second aunt asked with concern.

“That Chen Dogzi asked me to go over to accompany the drinks, I’m a bit scared ……”

Chen Yingxia said with a scared look on her face.

When Chen Ping’s second aunt heard this, she stopped talking, what could she say at this time? If you don’t let your daughter go over, then it would be hilarious for this Chen Dogzi!

“Yingxia, I will accompany you over, don’t worry!”

Chen Ping stood up and said.

“I’ll go with you too, don’t be afraid!”

Su Yuqi also got up and said to Chen Yingxia.

“Chen Ping, if you go, don’t be impulsive, we’ll think about it when we get back!”

Chen Ping’s second aunt said to Chen Ping!

“Second Aunt, don’t worry, I know what to do!”

Chen Ping nodded and accompanied Chen Yingxia towards Room 1, Su Yuqi kept comforting Chen Yingxia, telling her not to be afraid!

Just as they reached the entrance of private room number one, they heard loud drinking noises coming from inside.

Chen Ping stepped forward and pushed open the door of the compartment!

At this moment, inside the compartment, five people were drinking, and on the main seat was a middle-aged Mediterranean man, while that Chen Dogzi was sitting at the side with a flattering face and was toasting!

It seemed that the Mediterranean middle-aged man was that manager Cui!

Chen Ping suddenly pushed open the door and everyone in the box was stunned. Chen Dogzi took a look at Chen Ping, as well as Chen Yingxia and Su Yuqi behind Chen Ping, and hurriedly said to the middle-aged Mediterranean man, “Manager Cui, this is my daughter-in-law’s cousin, he must have known that Manager Cui was here and came here on purpose to make a toast!”