Phoenix Among Men Chapter 464

After Chen Dogzi finished speaking, he hurriedly said towards Chen Yingxia, “Yingxia, come over and pour a gla*s of wine for Manager Cui!”

Chen Yingxia was trembling with fear, Su Yuqi pulled Chen Yingxia’s hand and felt Chen Yingxia’s hand tremble terribly!

“Yingxia is small, she doesn’t know what to do, let me do it …………”

Su Yuqi took the initiative to stand out, then picked up the white wine on the table and walked over!

Chen Dogzi saw this, the corners of his mouth raised, he was more sure of his suspicions, Su Yuqi so active in pouring wine, look at this look is not an escort girl is what?

After that manager Cui saw Su Yuqi, his eyes narrowed and he looked at Su Yuqi with lustful eyes, then he brought up the wine cup.

“Dogzi, who is this pretty young lady?”

Manager Cui asked to Chen Dogzi.

“Oh, it’s my daughter-in-law’s cousin’s girlfriend!”

Chen Dogzi said hurriedly.

He didn’t dare to say that Su Yuqi was an escort, after all, a big shot like Manager Cui had long ago stopped liking that sort of woman of the month, and liked this even more!

“Where is Manager Cui’s high position?”

Su Yuqi asked as she poured wine for that Manager Cui.

“Manager Cui is the manager of Su’s group, and Su’s group is the leading company in Hongcheng!”

Without waiting for Manager Cui to say anything, Chen Dogzi introduced with a proud face!

The corners of Su Yuqi’s mouth lifted and she smiled coldly, she already knew that this place was developed by her own family, so she deliberately asked so to see if this guy was from her family’s business or not!

“This young lady, what’s your name?”

That manager Cui asked as he looked at Su Yuqi with a lecherous look.

“My name is Su Yuqi!” Su Yuqi said with a smile.

“Su Yuqi?” I saw that manager Cui frowned slightly, but quickly stretched and said, “That’s a good name, the same name as our Miss ……”

“Nowadays there are too many with the same name, what’s the use, different lives, people are the grand lady …………”

Chen Dogzi laughed!

That manager Cui drank the wine Su Yuqi poured in one go, then continued to lift the cup and said, “Beautiful women pouring wine, drinking is just painful, another cup …………”

But this time, Su Yuqi’s face was cold and she splashed it directly towards the manager.

The manager shrieked and hurriedly jumped up, while Chen Dogzi hastily wiped the manager’s clothes, and then angrily looked at Su Yuqi and said, “You’re f*cking looking for death, you dare to spill it on manager Cui!”

“Little girl, I think you don’t want to live anymore?” That manager Cui looked at Su Yuqi angrily!

“I think it’s you who doesn’t want to live, you were asked to supervise the development and manage the company, but you’re acting like this, I think you’re done!”

Su Yuqi said, directly taking out her mobile phone and dialing Su Wenzong!

“What do you …… you mean?” That manager Cui was stunned and asked at Su Yuqi.

“Nothing else, you’re taking my family’s money but not doing anything practical, I’ll have my father fire you!”

Su Yuqi said coldly.

“You …… you are Missy?” Manager Cui’s eyes instantly showed panic!

Chen Dogzi was also shocked, but then said to that manager Cui comfortingly, “Manager Cui, don’t be afraid, she is definitely not what Miss Su, that Chen Ping is a reformed prisoner, just got out of jail, if she is Miss Su, how could she follow a reformed prisoner together, she must have heard you say that she and Miss Su have the same name, so she scares you! ”

When Manager Cui heard that, he was slightly relieved, and then looked at that Su Yuqi coldly: “Little girl, you have the ability to really call through and try, if you can’t fire me today, I’ll let you serve me well for a few nights!”

“Manager Cui, don’t worry, I’ll arrange this, she can’t get away!”

Chen Dogzi hastily flattered.

Chen Yingxia at the back was terrified, although she knew Su Yuqi had some status, but she didn’t dare to a*sociate Su Yuqi with Miss Su’s family, after all, how could someone with that status look at Chen Ping?