Phoenix Among Men Chapter 465

“Brother Chen Ping?” Chen Yingxia nervously grabbed Chen Ping’s arm!

Chen Ping, however, smiled faintly, “Don’t worry, because your sister-in-law is really Miss Su!”

When Chen Yingxia heard this, she froze for a moment!

At this time, Su Yuqi’s phone call had already come through, so she said directly, “Dad, this side of Anhe Town is being developed, is there a person surnamed Cui that you’ve arranged to manage?”

“I don’t know, it’s all arranged by your Uncle Liu, what’s wrong?” Su Wenzong said with a puzzled look on his face.

During this period of time, Su Wenzong had rarely managed the affairs of the company, focusing on taking care of his body, if it wasn’t for Chen Ping last time, he would have even lost his life!

“Never mind, I’ll call Uncle Liu!” Su Yuqi hung up the phone!

By this time, that manager Cui’s face had turned ugly, as his top boss was indeed surnamed Liu.

Chen Dogzi saw that Manager Cui’s face was not good, so he hurriedly advised, “Manager Cui, you don’t need to be afraid, I think this little girl is just good at acting!”

But that Manager Cui didn’t pay any attention to that Chen Dogzi, but was staring deadly at Su Yuqi, with cold sweat already on his forehead!

I saw Su Yuqi redial a number, and soon a cheerful voice came from the other side: “Eldest niece, why did you remember to call your Uncle Liu?”

This Uncle Liu was a patriarch who had followed Su Wen Zong to fight the mountains together a long time ago, and was one of Su Wen Zong’s most trusted people, or else he wouldn’t have been comfortable leaving the company to him!

But when that Manager Cui heard the voice coming from inside the phone, his entire legs went limp and he collapsed!

“Hey hey hey, Manager Cui are you alright!” Chen Guzi, who had not yet realised what was going on, hurriedly a*sisted Manager Cui and said.

That Manager Cui was trembling and could no longer speak!

“Uncle Liu, did you arrange for a guy surnamed Cui to be in charge in Anhe Town?”

Su Yuqi asked to Uncle Liu.

“Yeah, what’s wrong?” Uncle Liu said.

“Fire him, this guy is bullying me, forcing me to pour wine for him, and trying to make me sleep with him!” Su Yuqi said angrily.

“What? This thing dares to make you pour wine for him and even make you sleep with him, it’s really f*cking revolting, wait until I clean him up for you!”

Uncle Liu said and hung up the phone, then dialed that Manager Cui!

Soon, Manager Cui’s phone rang, looking at his own phone ringing, that Manager Cui trembling hands did not dare to answer!

At this time, Chen Dogzi also seemed to have discovered something and looked at Su Yuqi in surprise!

Finally, that manager Cui trembled and picked up the phone!

“Cui Baldy, you f*cking dare to let Missy pour you wine and sleep with you, you’ve really f*cking grown!”

As soon as the phone was connected, that Uncle Liu’s roar came out!

“Liu …… Liu, I …… didn’t know, I didn’t know he was Missy!”

Manager Cui wanted to cry at this time!

“Stop f*cking talking, you’re fired, I’ll send someone to replace you tomorrow, get your a*s back here and accept your punishment, see if I don’t knock your legs off ……”

After that Uncle Liu finished, he just hung up the phone!

“Mr. Liu, Mr. Liu …………”

That manager Cui still wanted to say something, but the opposite side was already busy!

Su Yuqi looked at that manager Cui with a smirk, “What, still want me to accompany you?”

Poof …………

That manager Cui immediately knelt down in front of Su Yuqi: “Miss, I deserve to die, I was wrong, please forgive me, I was wrong ……”

“Bah, you scum, how can I forgive you ……”

Su Yuqi spat fiercely and said!

That manager Cui fell to the ground at once, his face ashen.

The few people who were drinking along with him saw this and ran away, while that Chen Dogzi also hid far away!

Su Yuqi turned around and walked out, and when she pa*sed by Chen Yingxia, she smiled lightly and said, “Yingxia, let’s go!”