Phoenix Among Men Chapter 466

At this moment, Chen Yingxia’s eyes were still round and full of incredulity as she looked at Su Yuqi!

“Miss Su ……” Chen Dogzi also hurriedly followed him up!

But Su Yuqi ignored him, and then Chen Dogzi directly pulled Chen Ping’s arm: “Cousin, there was really a misunderstanding just now, we are now relatives, how could I possibly watch my own relatives being bullied, what do you think about this Cui surnamed how to clean up, you only need to say one word, I will immediately call someone to chop him up!”

Chen Dogzi’s effort to drop stones directly caused Manager Cui, who was sitting on the ground, to faint in anger!

Chen Ping just gave that Chen Dogzi a cold look and ignored him, going straight back to the second private room!

That Chen Dogzi didn’t mind either, and followed closely behind.

After entering the private room, that Chen Dogzi hurriedly pulled out a chair, “Cousin, have a seat!”

Seeing Chen Dogzi treat Chen Ping so politely, both Chen Ping’s second aunt and Tang Hongying felt very strange!

After Chen Ping sat down, he coldly said to that Chen Dogzi, “Chen Dogzi, you forced my cousin to marry you, how does this matter count?”

Chen Dogzi froze, then licked his face and said, “Cousin, what are you talking about, Yingxia and I are in free love, I didn’t force him!”

“Cut the f*cking crap, your wedding to Yingxia is null and void, Yingxia will not marry you!”

Chen Ping said in a cold voice.

“Cousin, this …………”

“You don’t want to?” Chen Ping frowned!

Chen Dogzi gritted his teeth and gave Chen Yingxia a look before finally nodding, “Fine, the wedding is null and void, no more marriage!”

After saying that, Chen Dogzi turned around and wanted to leave!

“Did I tell you to leave?” Chen Ping asked.

“What else do you want?” Chen Dogzi’s face was a little ugly even now!

“Break a hand yourself, and I won’t pursue this matter anymore!”

Chen Ping said indifferently.

When Chen Dogzi heard this, he became furious, “Chen Ping, don’t go too far!”

“Chen Ping, forget it, forget it, since he has promised not to get married, let’s not be bothered!”

Upon hearing this, Chen Ping’s second aunt hurriedly persuaded Chen Ping!

“Brother Chen Ping, let’s forget it, I’m content to not get married!” Chen Yingxia also persuaded Chen Ping!

After all, if that Chen Dogzi was desperate, he would dare to do anything!

“You guys don’t have to care!” Chen Ping finished and looked at Chen Dogzi, “I’m just going too far, what can you do? Break a hand yourself and you can still save your life, if I do it, your life will be gone!”

Chen Dogzi slapped the table, “Chen Ping, do you think you can do anything just because you are listed as a thousand-year-old lady? This is Anhe Town, one phone call from me and you’ll be dead and buried, what can even the Su family do to me? I am the man of Master Tiger of Hongcheng, I am sure you must have heard of Master Tiger’s name!”

“Heard of it, the underground emperor of Hong Cheng, right?” Chen Ping nodded his head.

“You still have some insight, so don’t push me too hard or no one will be able to protect you!” Chen Dogzi said with a cold smile!

“I don’t need anyone to protect me, I can just protect myself, leave one hand behind and get lost, or leave your life behind!”

Chen Ping said with a calm face!

“D*mn it, I’ve given you face!” Chen Dogzi cursed angrily and copied the bottle and smashed it at Chen Ping!

But before he could strike, he saw Chen Ping snatch the bottle with one hand, and then smashed it hard on Chen Dogzi’s head!

Chen Dogzi’s head immediately bled out and he sat down with a scream!

This startled everyone, as long as Su Yuqi was smiling and not worried at all!

“You f*cking wait!” Chen Dogzi roared, pulling out his phone and starting to call someone!

“You call someone, then I’ll call too, don’t you know Lin Tianhu? I’ll ask him if he knows you!”

Chen Ping said, pulling out his phone!