Phoenix Among Men Chapter 471

“Of course, if the Yin family can make that jade pendant activate, how could we possibly let the Yin family exterminate their family!”

Bai Xiushan said coldly.

“How can this be done?” Bai Zhan sighed.

Everyone was in deep thought, if Chen Ping was really an immortal cultivator, then what could they do to follow Chen Ping and fight against him?

“Zhan Tang, you leave for Jiangbei Provincial City right now, send him all the medicinal herbs from the Pill King’s House, and tell him that our Bai Family is willing to pay a long-term tribute of medicinal herbs to help him cultivate, remember this for me, your attitude must be humble, if you dare to annoy him in any way, don’t blame me for being ungracious!”

Bai Xiushan finally made up his mind, if Chen Ping was really an immortal cultivator, then the Bai family must grasp this opportunity to death, if the Bai family had the support of an immortal cultivator behind them, then in the whole of Kyoto, which family would still dare to follow the Bai family in their fight!

“Got it, grandpa!” Bai Zhan Tang was not stupid, on the contrary, he was extremely thoughtful, otherwise, at the Jiangbei Martial Arts Gathering, it would have been his family who had been killed and injured!

The same time at the Qin family in Kyoto, Qin Feng was smashing things like a madman!

“Young master, the master is in seclusion, without his order, none of the Qin family’s four vajra’s have the authority to move them.”

The old butler said as he followed Qin Feng with a helpless face.

“Our Qin family has been killed by so many people, and I’ve been humiliated by someone stepping on my feet, should we just let it go? I must take the Four Great Vajra away today, when my father blames me, let him come straight to me!”

Qin Feng said and was about to rush towards a courtyard that was closed by an iron gate, but he was stopped by the old butler!

“Young master, if you release the Four Vajra now, if their minds are deranged, then the Qin family will be doomed, only the master can control their minds now!”

The old butler begged bitterly.

“Get out of my way, I’ve long brought the heart pills from my father’s room, as long as I give them to the Four Great Vajra, they will be fine.”

Qin Feng kicked that old butler and was about to open the iron door!

“b*****d, your father is in seclusion, so no one can control you?”

It was a stern shout that scared Qin Feng into stopping in his tracks!

Looking back, he only saw a middle-aged man with a face full of flesh staring angrily at Qin Feng.

“Third Uncle …………”

When Qin Feng saw the person coming, he became honest at once.

Qin Feng’s third uncle stepped forward and snatched the pills from Qin Feng’s hand: “Are these Four Great Vajra also something you can just master? I think you’re looking for death.”

“Third uncle, I really can’t swallow this, in Jiangbei, the people I brought there were not only killed but also humiliated in public by someone stepping on their feet, it was the Gu family who found someone to do this, I think it was the Gu family who wanted to take revenge on us, and the jade pendant of the Yin family also came into the hands of that kid called Chen Ping!”

At this point, instead of feeling that Gu Ling’er had saved her life, Qin Feng was backtracking and blaming it all on the Gu Family!

“Hmph, Gu Wentian has retired, his family is in the doldrums, and he still dares to seek revenge on my Qin family? You really don’t know what you’re doing!” Qin Feng’s third uncle snorted coldly before turning to Qin Feng and saying, “Isn’t that jade pendant something that the Bai family also wants? Didn’t the Bai family do anything?”

“There was no action, Bai Zhan Tang was there at the time, he was too scared to make a move!” Speaking of Bai Zhan Tang, Qin Feng hated him with a pa*sion!

At that time, he proposed to follow Bai Zhan Tang to deal with Chen Ping, but he didn’t expect the kid to be a wimp and sell him out straight away.

“This goon of the Bai family, he doesn’t have any backbone at all!” Qin Feng’s third uncle also cursed angrily, before turning to Qin Feng and saying, “Your father is in seclusion now, don’t cause him any trouble, return the key to the old housekeeper, I’ll have Wild Wolf bring someone to go with you to Jiangbei once more!”

When Qin Feng heard this, a flash of joy flashed in his eyes, “Third Uncle, are you really lending Uncle Wolf to me?”