Phoenix Among Men Chapter 472

“Of course it’s true, I can’t lie to you, when has our Qin family ever been bullied like this!”

Third Uncle Qin Feng said with a faint smile!

“Hahahaha, great, if Uncle Wolf goes, he’ll definitely be able to get that kid killed, and then I’ll ravage Gu Ling’er properly ……”

Qin Feng laughed wildly!


Jiangbei provincial city!

Chen Ping and Su Yuqi had returned!

But Chen Ping wasn’t in a hurry to go to Mount Heng, he had to finish the affairs of the Pill King’s Mansion first, before taking a trip to Mount Heng!

Lin Tianhu was practicing every day, day and night. After taking the Great Returning Pill given by Chen Ping, Lin Tianhu could feel that his strength was improving by leaps and bounds.

“It’s been three days, and there’s still no movement from the Pill King’s residence, so it seems like it’s time to take a trip!”

Chen Ping muttered!

Just then, Red Phoenix walked over quickly, “Mr. Chen, the Pill King’s Mansion has sent someone, saying that they are inviting Mr. Chen to go to the Pill King’s Mansion!”

As soon as Chen Ping heard this, he smiled, “I just wanted to go and they sent someone to invite me, so let’s go over there!”

“Mr. Chen, do you want me to bring more people?”

Red Phoenix asked in a small voice.

“Yes, we should bring more people, there are so many medicinal herbs, there is no way to transport them back if there are less people!”

Chen Ping said with a smile!

Soon, Red Phoenix drove Chen Ping, straight to the Medicine King’s residence, followed by a few lorries, ready to haul herbs!

“Mr. Chen, are you sure that that Pill King’s Mansion will definitely hand over the medicinal herbs?”

On the road, Red Phoenix asked with some confusion.

“Whether he hands them over or not, I have to get my hands on the herbs, if they don’t, I’ll kill them all, and those herbs will still be mine all the same!”

Chen Ping leaned on the backrest and sneered!

Red Phoenix did not say anything, Chen Ping was right, just kill them all, in this weak society, the weak have no say.

Soon, Chen Ping arrived at the Pill King’s residence, but the scene was not as tense as they thought, only to see Bai Zhan Tang with Sun Simiao’s group of people, waiting for Chen Ping at the entrance!

When the car arrived, Bai Zhan Tang quickly stepped forward and personally opened the door for Chen Ping!

“Mr. Chen ……”

Bai Zhantang respectfully shouted after Chen Ping!

This was somewhat surprising to Chen Ping, but did not show it, and after getting down from the car, he was invited to the lobby of the Pill King’s residence!

Bai Zhantang invited Chen Ping to the main seat, while he himself sat down at the head of Chen Ping, and as for Sun Simiao and the others, they only had to stand aside!

“Let’s talk straight, I don’t like to beat around the bush!”

Chen Ping was a little strange, what medicine was this Bai Zhantang selling in his gourd!

If it was just because he had killed a few clan masters that the Bai family compromised and became so respectful, Chen Ping himself didn’t believe it, with the Bai family’s strength, there was no way they would just compromise like that!

“Mr. Chen, I have discussed this back at the Bai Family, grandfather said that Mr. Chen is a genius, and that medicinal herbs will only be most effective when in Mr. Chen’s hands, so we are willing to offer all the medicinal herbs of the Pill King Mansion to Mr. Chen, and that the Pill King Mansion will provide Mr. Chen with a constant stream of medicinal herbs in the future.”

Bai Zhan Tang said.

Chen Ping listened to this and frowned slightly, his eyes staring deadly at Bai Zhan Tang, Chen Ping was somewhat unable to see through this Bai Zhan Tang and this Bai family, Chen Ping thought that the Bai family could give all the medicinal materials of the Pill King’s House to himself, even if it was the most ideal result, but he did not expect that the other party would offer to supply him with medicinal materials continuously in the future, wasn’t this exactly what he wanted?

However, Chen Ping was not particularly optimistic, he knew that the Bai family could not possibly do a loss-making deal, there must be other attempts or conditions here!

“Tell me, what conditions does your Bai family have? I don’t believe that your Bai family is so kind!” Chen Ping asked.