Phoenix Among Men Chapter 473

“Mr. Chen, my grandfather said that he hoped that the Bai family would follow Mr. Chen and be forever bound together.

Bai Zhan Tang stood up and bowed towards Chen Ping!

Chen Ping became more and more confused, his eyes gazing at Bai Zhan Tang, his brows frowning slightly, “Do you know something? I want to hear the truth!”

Bai Zhan Tang nodded, then looked at Sun Simiao and said, “All of you go out, no one is allowed to come in without my orders!”

Sun Simiao nodded and immediately led his men out, while Chen Ping also looked to Red Phoenix, “You should also go out!”

Red Phoenix also walked out!

When only Chen Ping and Bai Zhan Tang were left inside the hall, Bai Zhan Tang bowed and said with a respectful face, “My grandfather said that Mr. Chen is a person who cultivates immortality and should be revered, and he also hoped that Mr. Chen would bless my Bai family and prosper for all generations!”

When Chen Ping heard this, he was inwardly surprised, this grandfather of Bai Zhan Tang was the first person to see his identity, and no one had ever said that he was an immortal cultivator!

And Chen Ping himself had never come across a single cultivator during this period of time, all of them were some martial artists and warlocks, Chen Ping even wondered a little if he and the old leader were the only ones in this world who were cultivators of immortality!

“Could it be that your grandfather is also an immortal cultivator? Or maybe he had seen immortal cultivators?”

Chen Ping asked with some excitement.

If he could meet a cultivator himself, then Chen Ping wouldn’t feel lonely anymore, he would be able to find someone to talk about what was on his mind, and he would be able to find a common topic, and as he knew nothing about many things about immortal cultivation, he was eager to find someone to ask!

Bai Zhantang shook his head, “My grandfather is not an immortal cultivator, but he did meet ……”

Soon, Bai Zhan Tang told Chen Ping what Bai Xiushan had told him, and told him the original story again, Chen Ping was deflated after hearing it, he had seen it decades ago, where else would he find it now!

It seemed that if he wanted to know more, he would have to wait until he went to No Man’s Land on the 15th of July, and he didn’t know what the old leader’s great chance was.

And then there was his own mother. Chen Ping always felt that his own mother was not dead, but still alive, just locked up somewhere, Chen Ping himself didn’t know why he felt this way, he couldn’t tell!

“Your grandfather guessed right, I am indeed an immortal cultivator!” Chen Ping didn’t hide it from Bai Zhan Tang either, since the Bai family treated each other sincerely, Chen Ping didn’t intend to hide it from them either, whether it was sincere or not, it was mutually beneficial for both sides at this time anyway, as his strength increased, Chen Ping would need more and more medicinal herbs!

Once he heard that Chen Ping had agreed, Bai Zhan Tang’s eyes lit up with envy and amazement, and he followed Chen Ping with some stuttering, “Mr. Chen, can you …… tell me how immortal cultivators practice their kung fu?”

Bai Zhan Tang was particularly curious, after all, this was the first time he had heard of immortal cultivators, if this was cultivated, then they would become immortals!

“You martial artists practice internal energy, relying on constant training to produce qi energy in the dantian, while what I need to cultivate is spiritual energy, converting it into spiritual energy and storing it in the dantian, just like those magicians, they also need spiritual energy, only the amount they need is particularly small, and more often than not, they just use formations!”

Chen Ping followed Bai Zhan Tang and explained.

“Oh, I see, Mr. Chen wants these medicinal herbs, is it that they all have spiritual qi in them that can help Mr. Chen cultivate?”

Bai Zhantang said in a daze.

Chen Ping nodded, “Not bad, but only medicinal herbs that are over a hundred years old will produce spiritual energy, right now there is too little spiritual energy in heaven and earth, so I can only cultivate with the help of ingesting spiritual energy from other objects!”