Phoenix Among Men Chapter 474

“Mr. Chen, then when you immortal cultivators reach the end of your cultivation, are you immortals? Is it possible to fly to the sky and disappear to the earth, is it possible to live forever?”

Bai Zhantang was like a schoolboy who was asking for knowledge, constantly asking curiously.

Chen Ping laughed and shook his head, “Actually, I don’t know anything about it, I don’t even know where the end of immortality cultivation is!”

Bai Zhan Tang suddenly felt that he had asked too much and was a bit rude, he hurriedly apologised, “Mr Chen, I was just too curious and a bit presumptuous, I’m so sorry!”

Chen Ping smiled lightly, “No matter!”

After the two talked for a while longer, Bai Zhan Tang shouted outwardly, “Come in all!”

Sun Simiao walked in with his men!

“Sun Simiao, I’m telling you, from now on, the entire Medicine King’s House will be at Mr. Chen’s disposal, no matter what herbs you want, you have to let Mr. Chen pick them first, if anyone dares to disobey, kill ……”

Bai Zhan Tang said to Sun Simiao’s crowd with a cold face.

“Understood, Second Young Master!”

Sun Simiao nodded his head.

“Go and load the medicinal herbs for Mr. Chen!” Bai Zhantang said.

Sun Simiao hurriedly said to the butler, “Old Qiu, go and arrange for people to load the cart with all the medicinal herbs!”

After giving the order, Sun Simiao looked at Bai Zhan Tang and then at Chen Ping, opening his mouth as if he wanted to say something!

“Master Sun, if you have anything to say, just say it!” Chen Ping said to Sun Simiao.

“If Mr. Chen asks you, just say it directly, what’s the point of stammering?”

Bai Zhantang reprimanded Sun Simiao.

“Yes, yes, yes!” Sun Simiao nodded his head repeatedly, and then said to Bai Zhan Tang and Chen Ping, “Second Young Master, Mr. Chen, a few days ago, the four elders from that Xuan Yue Valley came to Tian Feng Town and stayed near the ring for a moment before leaving!”

“D*mn, these guys, they must have come to find trouble with Mr. Chen, I’ll go home now, mobilize some experts and go and exterminate Xuan Yue Valley!”

Bai Zhan Tang said in a stern voice.

At this time, he had to fully demonstrate his loyalty and respect to Chen Ping, Chen Ping was in trouble, they, the Bai family, deserved to step in!

“No need, wait for a few days, I will personally go and exterminate this Xuan Yue Valley!”

Chen Ping waved his hand, and then continued to say to Bai Zhan Tang, “I may have to go out for a few days, you take care of my family, and when I return, accompany me to exterminate that Xuan Yue Valley!”

After all, Bai Zhan Tang’s strength was even higher than that of Red Phoenix, Chen Ping was going to go to Mount Heng for a few days, and it would be safer to leave the safety of Su Yu Qi and Gu Ling’er’s family to Bai Zhan Tang in these few days, now Chen Ping was worried that that Qin Feng would come to retaliate, so he should not have let Gu Ling’er’s heart go soft and let the tiger return to the mountain in the first place!

“Mr. Chen, don’t worry, as long as I, Bai Zhan Tang, still have a breath, I will never let anyone harm Mr. Chen’s loved ones!”

Bai Zhantang said with conviction.

After returning from the Pill King’s residence, Chen Ping contacted Wu Dong, who was on a rampage receiving raw stones from Mount Heng, when he received a call from Chen Ping and knew that Chen Ping had returned, Wu Dong then rushed straight back to the provincial capital from Mount Heng!

Chen Ping then used this time to refine some more Great Return Pills for Lin Tianhu, while he himself also refined the Spirit Gathering Pills, but after consuming a few Spirit Gathering Pills, Chen Ping’s strength did not grow much, it seemed that as his realm rose, Chen Ping’s need for spiritual energy also grew exponentially.

Early the next morning, Wu Dong rushed back with a lot of dust, and then took Chen Ping towards Mount Heng again!

Mount Heng is not particularly far from Jiangbei, only a few hundred kilometres away, but the entire Mount Heng mountain range stretches for thousands of miles, spanning several provinces and cities!

At the foot of Mount Heng, there is a small city called Mountain City, which was originally sparsely populated and lacking in resources, so people’s lives were very difficult, but in recent years, as the raw stones of Mount Heng became more and more expensive, so more and more people came here to mine the raw stones of Mount Heng, and Mountain City became prosperous!