Phoenix Among Men Chapter 475

The entire mountain town now has a foreign population several times larger than the original population, and the mountains are full of large and small mining caves.

The most within the mountain city are the hotels, bars, KTV and these entertainment places, those who can afford to play with the original stones are big bosses, so they are not afraid to spend money!

Wu Dong went directly to eat to the entrance of a hotel and stopped: “Mr. Chen, you should also be hungry, let’s eat some food first, then go back to the hotel to rest!”

Chen Ping nodded and followed Wu Dong out of the car!

The hotel wasn’t very big, but the facade was nicely decorated, with a kind of ancient flavor, and a big signboard above it reads Lu Cuisine Restaurant!

“Mr. Chen, don’t look at this restaurant, but it’s the hottest restaurant here, many people come here to eat, that big star Song Tie, whenever he goes back to Shancheng, he specially goes to this restaurant to eat!”

Wu Dong led Chen Ping as he walked and introduced him.

When they entered the restaurant, Wu Dong wanted to find a private room, but Chen Ping stopped him, there were only two of them, they could just eat casually, there was no need to look for a private room!

After finding a more secluded place, Wu Dong ordered a few of the restaurant’s specialties!

While waiting for the dishes, Chen Ping deliberately swept a glance at the people eating in the restaurant and found that there were several Zong Shi level experts in there!

It wouldn’t be strange if one could see so many Zong Shi experts during the martial arts gathering in Tianfeng Town, but in this mountain town, how could so many experts exist?

“It’s strange to say, even when I was busy before, I had never seen so many people, the few days I came to Mountain City, I saw several groups of strangers coming up the mountain one after another, it seems that there are more and more people playing with gambling stones here!”

After seeing Chen Ping sweep those people from the hotel, Wu Dong hurriedly explained.

But when Chen Ping looked at these people, none of them looked like people who were gambling on stones, he only saw that these people were all in groups, no one was talking, just eating with their heads down, as if they all had something on their minds!

“Are the raw stones from Heng Shan mined at random?”

Chen Ping asked as he turned to Wu Dong.

“That’s not true, if it was mined casually, wouldn’t it be chaos, in the past no one was in charge, but now in the whole area, the biggest raw stone mining caves are occupied by the Feng, Song and Liu families, there are some other small caves that the three families can’t see, they are being mined by others, the Feng General who made Pei Lao suffer at that time is one of them, his cave is in the southeast, closest to the The location at the top of the mountain!”

Wu Dong said as he pointed through the window towards the near-by Mount Heng.

“Oh!” Chen Ping nodded his head!

Soon, the food came up, and Chen Ping suddenly stopped the waiter serving the food and said, “Buddy, can I ask, is there something big happening in Mountain City? Why do I feel that many people are in a hurry?”

Chen Ping always felt that something was not right, with so many Zong Shi level experts appearing, something should be happening or about to happen here!

“Where is there anything going on? I’m just a waiter, I don’t know!”

The waiter shook his head, but his eyes did dodge a little, so he obviously knew something!

“Buddy, we’re both from out of town, just asking around, no offense!”

Chen Ping said, taking out a stack of banknotes and stuffing them into the waiter’s pocket, the stack of banknotes was several thousand yuan!

The waiter looked around and hesitated for a moment before whispering, “Let me tell you, another vein has been discovered in Mount Heng, and it is said to be full of precious stones. Don’t say I’m the one who told you!”

After the waiter finished speaking, he left in a hurry!

“A new vein?” Wu Dong was stunned, “I’ve been here for several days, how come I haven’t heard about it?”