Phoenix Among Men Chapter 476

Chen Ping smiled faintly, this kind of thing, the three great clans would definitely not make it known, so as not to invite more people to compete for it.

Chen Ping now knew why there were suddenly so many clan masters in Mountain City, it must have something to do with the three great clans recruiting their troops.

Unless one had the support of the family’s industry, one could spend a lot of money to buy some elixirs and herbs to aid one’s practice, otherwise it would be very difficult to break through!

So many martial artists have no choice but to earn money for their kung fu practice by guarding their families, and the higher their strength, the more money they earn, while some big business families will also pay for some experts to protect their families or industries.

Now that all these clan masters had come to Mountain City, it looked like the chips offered by the three great families must have been particularly attractive!

Just as Chen Ping and the others were eating, there was a sudden commotion and the two men raised their eyes to find a girl wearing a cheongsam with large sungla*ses that covered most of her face, only her pointed chin and that small cherry mouth showing through.

The girl was followed by four suited bodyguards, all with serious expressions, looking around as if they were enemies as soon as they entered the door!

“Holy sh*t, this can’t be that big star Song Tie, can it?” Wu Dong’s eyes instantly widened round, and the harrumphs in his mouth were about to flow out!

Chen Ping looked at the girl and was also in a trance, the girl’s body proportions were too good, especially in the cheongsam, it showed the small waist to the fullest, a pair of snow-white feet on high heels, it was like walking out of a painting, only the name was a bit too complimentary!

“Waiter, find a private room!” One of the bodyguards behind the girl said.

“Sorry about that, the rooms are all slow now, only the lobby is left!” The waiter said helplessly.

“Go think of something ……” The bodyguard’s face went cold and he gave the waiter a fierce glare!

The waiter was terrified and stuttered, “Really, there’s really nothing left ……”

“Alright, just in the lobby!” The girl finished speaking and found a seat to sit down!

“Missy, the master explained that he won’t let you ……”

“Shut up, I’ll go back as soon as I eat!” The girl looked a little impatient, the bodyguard didn’t dare to make any more noise!

Soon, the girl’s meal was served up, and ignoring the hot eyes of the people around her, the girl directly gobbled it up, and it was obvious that she really liked the food here!

The four bodyguards behind her surrounded the girl, each with their hands in their coat pockets, obviously with weapons hidden inside!

“Looks like this Song family is not small!” Chen Ping muttered!

These bodyguards all had guns hidden in their pockets, you know this was a prohibited item, in this country you could practice as much as you wanted and no one would bother you, but when you had a hot weapon, the nature could change, and you know that it was harder than heaven to get a gun nowadays!

If you encounter a master of the clan level, the pistol will be useless. If you encounter Chen Ping, the pistol will be no different from scrap metal!

“The Song family’s head, Song Zu De, used to be a famous entertainment company, with countless stars and artists, and too much money to count, but later on, because one of its artists was investigated for treachery, the company was also involved, and in those years when the Heng Shan stone speculation was hot, this Song Zu De went back home to open a mine, but his daughter is now a big star, the fame is very big! ”

Wu Dong explained!

Chen Ping was eating while paying attention to that Song Tie, but Song Tie seemed to be in no man’s land, he just ate his own, did not care about anyone’s eyes, it looks like he is used to being exposed to the spotlight every day.